About Us

SimBin Studios AB is a Swedish video game developer founded in 2003. The company has its headquarters in Lidköping with an additional studio in Gothenburg as well as a team of distributed consultants. SimBin Studios AB occupies a total staff of 50 people, consisting of 35 employees at the headquarters in Lidköping and the studio in Gothenburg, as well as 15 distributed consultant’s world wide. Together with experienced developers, strong shareholders and award winning titles like “GTR – The FIA GT Racing Game”, “GT Legends”, “GTR 2 – The FIA GT Racing Game”, “RACE – The WTCC Game”, “RACE 07 – The WTCC Game”, “GTR Evolution”, “STCC The Game”, “Volvo The Game“, “Race Pro” and “Race On” our goal is to be the world’s leading game developer for realistic racing experiences. This applies to beginners as well as the hardcore veterans of the genre.