About Us

Skai Blue Media is a unique, powerful team of media professionals, public relations specialists, writers, creative directors, producers, and media strategists with a vast knowledge in the public relations industry. Our diverse backgrounds and extensive network of communications professionals serve as a platform to foster client relationships within the city of Philadelphia. Our approach combines individualized intensity with creative strategies that garner new press opportunities and a build a comprehensive brand. Our years of media experience and behind-the-scenes advantage propel businesses into the spotlight. Led by Rakia Reynolds, named a creative ambassador by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation, Skai Blue Media is committed to making Philadelphia the premier destination for art and entertainment through the stories we tell about our individual clients. We celebrate community. Our multimedia agency serves as a liaison between clients and robust, visible, highly regarded community organizations. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, we believe that garnering and fostering many community relationships aids in the development of a healthy business.