Södra launches pre-painted cladding in twelve colours

As the only supplier in the market, Södra is now offering pre-painted cladding in twelve different colours and several different profiles. Up until now, Södra has offered primed and undercoated cladding in white. Demand for pre-painted cladding has markedly increased, and to meet this need a new, significantly broader concept is now being presented.

Together with paint supplier Sherwin-Williams, the twelve most common colours that Swedes paint their houses with have been selected. The cladding, produced in Sweden, is given both primer and an undercoat. Pre-painting increases flexibility in a construction project, since it offers good protection from the start and can thus be fitted year-round, regardless of temperature and weather. Since a considerable amount of time is saved on painting, projects can be finished much more quickly. Only a final coat is required within twelve months of fitting so that the cladding has complete protection against wind and weather.

Fredrik Gustavson, Sales Director, Scandinavian Södra Wood comments:

“The trend in demanding more value-added products is here to stay. There are both time-related and economic aspects that speak to the advantages of pre-painted cladding, as well as quality-related ones. The cladding has been guaranteed a perfect start, as it is never exposed to wind or weather before it is coated at the facility, where it is heated to the correct temperature before the paint is applied in precisely the correct amount according to the paint supplier’s instructions. This provides an assurance that the cladding has excellent protection, even at the fitting stage.”

The different cladding types are offered in fixed lengths, which means that customised delivery is possible – not only as regards profile and colour, but volume as well. Together with your builders’ merchant, you can calculate how many boards of each length will be needed, thereby reducing costly waste. Fredrik Gustavson continues:

“Our production capacity and logistics are built to manage these types of smaller, tailor-made deliveries, at the same time as other production units are working with large, efficient volumes towards the larger chains’ central purchasing divisions. This, in combination with Södra Wood Projects, our own unit for special solutions, gives Södra a breadth in our product range that we can be proud of.”

The pre-painted cladding is produced in Södra’s units in Långasjö and Torsås. The products will be available to order at builders’ merchants in the first quarter of the year.

For more information, please contact:
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