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    Several studies have shown that gender-equal companies are more profitable. Accordingly, the entire association benefits from having an equal-opportunities approach.
    Magnus Berg, Director of Members at Södra.
    The higher rating for our environmental considerations is continuing. Södra has been working systematically with nature conservation for 20 years, by training our forestry professionals and the harvesting contractors who work for us, for example, and we are now seeing the results in the form of greater consideration for the environmental impact of our regeneration harvests
    Henrik Holmberg, acting ecologist at Södra
    More than 90 percent of the forest plants we sell today are cultivated saplings with higher growth rates than non-cultivated saplings. Since the forest can be used for many products that are needed in the transition to a climate-compatible future, stable access to forest raw material is critical for all of society.
    Johan Jonsson, Head of Södra Skogsplantor
    Construction is on the increase and interest in sawn timber is growing in Poland.
    Andreas Jonasson, Marketing Manager at Södra Wood
    I am very happy that we are further realising our efforts through this investment. We have so much to contribute on climate issues and in the shift to a fossil-free society. This clearly shows how we as a company can take part in and lead the way in this transition.
    Johan Jonsson, Head of Södra Skogsplantor
    This represents an important step to further enhance consideration of water and the nature conservation value associated with water. The forest is an important element in facilitating the transition to a fossil-free society, and thus a good balance between active management and effective environmental consideration is required.
    Tomas Rahm, Environmental Manager, Södra Skog.
    Research suggests that – if executed effectively – returning nutrients to healthy forest land could result in increased forest growth for at least ten years after the bio-ash is spread.
    Hedvig Johansson, Project Manager
    This confirms an important trend for timber construction. Sweden is becoming increasingly aware of the fantastic raw material that wood represents. Our joint efforts to realise fossil-free alternatives benefit all of society.
    Jörgen Lindqvist, Business Area President for Södra Wood
    The digital technology represents an enormous development, both for forest owners and for us. We have improved overview and the ability to make better decisions while contributing to both increased production and improved nature conservation.
    Håkan Larsson, President of the Södra Skog business area
    As a Group operating in the green sector, it is important for us to be a sustainability leader. Our operations can offer so many social benefits in the transition to a bioeconomy. We are now increasing the tempo by giving these targets the same status as our financial targets.
    Lars Idermark, Group President and CEO
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