Stora Enso reorganises its functions

STORA ENSO OYJ Press Release 2.2.2006 

Stora Enso reorganises its functions

Stora Enso has revised its organisation and manning following 
the retirement of Yngve Stade, Senior Executive Vice President, 
Corporate Support and Country Manager Sweden, and the 
resignation of Arno Pelkonen, Senior Executive Vice President, 
Corporate Strategy and Emerging Markets. 

The following changes have taken effect from 1 February 2006. 

Finance and Strategy
Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Intelligence, 
Investments and Corporate Affairs will be merged with Finance, 
Accounting, Legal and IR. The new staff function, Finance and 
Strategy, will be headed by Hannu Ryöppönen, CFO.

Latin America
The Latin America division, headed by Nils Grafström, Executive 
Vice President, Latin America, will report to Jukka Härmälä, 

The following changes will take effect from 1 April 2006. 

Corporate Technology and Asia Pacific
A new staff function, Corporate Technology and Asia Pacific, 
will be formed. It will be responsible for Energy Services, 
Corporate R&D, the Pulp Competence Centre, Asia Pacific and 
Russia. It will be headed by Markku Pentikäinen, currently 
Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, and he will report to 
Jukka Härmälä, CEO.

Corporate Services 
Corporate Services will include Corporate IT, HR, Business 
Excellence and Procurement and it will be headed by Christer 
Ågren, currently Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate IT, 
HR and Business Excellence. As already announced, Christer Ågren 
has been appointed Country Manager Sweden with effect from the 
same date.

Forest Products
Environment services will start reporting to Elisabet Salander 
Björklund, Senior Executive Vice President, Stora Enso Forest 

For further information, please contact:
Christer Ågren, SEVP, Corporate IT, HR and Business Excellence, 
tel. +44 7909 686868
Hannu Ryöppönen, CFO, tel. +44 20 7016 3114
Elisabet Salander Björklund, SEVP, Stora Enso Forest Products, 
tel. +46 1046 82751
Kari Vainio, EVP, Corporate Communications, tel. +44 20 7016 
Keith Russell, SVP, Investor Relations, tel. +44 7775 788 659

Copy the following link to your browser to see the updated 
organisation chart:,,1_-


p.p.	Jussi Siitonen	Jukka Marttila