About Us

Student Protection Plus™ is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive plan for colleges and universities nationwide that seeks to address three pressing issues facing today’s college students. The three-part plan is designed to address student wellness, student need for security while studying abroad or traveling, and student loan repayment in the event of death – an issue that has been in the national news as parents struggle to repay debt while enduring the loss of a child. Student Protection Plus enables colleges and universities to provide blanket coverage for their entire student body at a low cost per student. The three-part plan includes: Travel Assistance – 24/7 Ops Center for global assistance and emergency services, medical and prescription assistance, trauma counseling, legal and interpreter referrals, evacuation and repatriation. Balanced Life Assistance – Network of professionals ready to help with student wellness issues like pregnancy, depression, anxiety, addiction, work, money and more. Financial Protection – $100,000 Insurance for Life, no preexisting conditions or exclusions (including no suicide or terrorism exclusions) and portable after school. Provides relief for families facing student loans after a tragedy.