About Us

Studybuddy is one of Sweden’s leading private tutoring agencies experiencing huge growth since its conception in 2004. This is greatly thanks to the winning concept of tuition and mentorship provided by top university students. Studybuddy was founded by a four engineering students in Stockholm, Sweden. Realising the potential to share knowledge while still learning, they began intensive Maths courses for college students prior to their university entry exams. The concept was an immediate success. Studybuddy has since moved its focus to private tutoring, with the original courses assisting hundreds of students gain entry to university every year. Studybuddy expanded to the UK in October 2014 and the company is now hiring university students from the top London universities to tutor pupils in primary, secondary and college curriculums, offering advice and assistance on a range of areas including interview and exam preparation. Our concept or using student tutors breaks the conservative educational mould. In a country traditionally used to archaic teaching techniques far from the educational processes of today, more and more families are realising the positive aspects of hiring a young, ambitious and academically achieved student to guide their child. The Studybuddy UK story has just begun and the Studybuddy team are confident they will match you with the perfect tutor today.