About Us

Susan HepburnSusan Hepburn is a bestselling author and an accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with more than 25 years’ experience. She has successfully treated many thousands of people enabling them to quit smoking, moderate their alcohol intake and lose weight from her clinics in London’s Harley Street, Los Angeles, New York and Europe. A new clinic in ColchesterSusan is opening her first Susan Hepburn Clinics franchise at Westwood Park in Great Horkesley, Colchester later this year – specialising in weight loss and addictions. What to expect from hypnosisWith hypnosis generally – and certainly the kind Susan practises – people do not hand over their control (or your dignity!) to her. The state of deep relaxation that you reach during hypnosis is known as REM (rapid eye movement) or the ‘dream state’ – a term you may have heard used for describing sleep patterns. People get there purely by relaxing the body and mind, guided by Susan’s voice and instructions. In this relaxed, guided state people are calm but alert – more hyper-attentive than drowsy. You ‘tune out’ from everything around you but remain alert and focused. People can get up and walk away at any time during a hypnotherapy session. You can choose to ignore or blot out the whole thing; or you can choose to let it in. In other words, hypnosis is not something that’s done to people – it’s something they do for themselves. It stands to reason, therefore, that the more motivated they are the better it will work for them. Find out more about this Hynodiet here