About Us

The Whole Life Institute is an innovative new addictions recovery center that is committed to providing a new world class standard for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and behavioral disorders (sex addiction, gambling and eating disorders). The Whole Life Institute was conceived and built by Jim Bradshaw and Stacey Grantham, who are both recovered addicts. After years of experience in the addictions sector, Stacey and Jim felt that there were key components missing from current treatment methods. Jim and Stacey wanted to find a way to give those struggling with the disease the information and tools necessary to live a purposeful life, free from their addictions instead of simply removing the acute obstacle of the addiction. Jim and Stacey began to search out people who were top of their field and had devoted years to research in those fields. These industry professionals were contracted to create the programs that are The Whole Life Institute. Each component was researched, created and tested for its own specifically intended purpose; to fill what was missing in the recovery process. The end result is a new way to live unlike any addicts have experienced before. The program is layered in 4 modules that complement each other, resulting in a linear process that can be followed and applied in a step by step practice that is easy to implement.