About Us

Established in London in 2005, Trimega Laboratories is a specialist in the legal testing for substance misuse and in paternity testing. Its core business is laboratory-based analysis of hair samples that provide accurate historical records of alcohol or drugs dependency over a one to 12 month period. In the UK, Trimega’s clients include: family law specialists, law courts, and social services. Trimega Laboratories was acquired by the Ingemino Group in 2012 and since then the business has undergone a complete overhaul with new management and investment. Fiona Begley, Director of Trimega,Laboratories and Executive Chairman of the Ingemino Group is a renowned expert in this industry and former CEO of Concateno plc, the owner of Trichotech laboratories. UKAS Accreditation: Confirmation and Quantitation of:• Amphetamine• Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA)• Cannabis: Delta 9-THC• Cocaine• Benzoylecgonine• Methadone• EDDP• Opiates• Codeine• 6 Monoacetylmorphine• Morphine