About Us

ABOUT THE BODY RETREAT: The Body Retreat, is the UK’s only luxury health and fitness retreat company run exclusively by women for women. At The Body Retreat we believe that if you’re ready now to lose weight and get fit, rebalance your body and mind, then the best way to get results is to make it an enjoyable experience. Our women-only programmes work because they build on your personal resolve to make a change in yourself and help you to bring it about – not by forcing you to do things you don’t want to but by encouraging you to achieve more than you thought possible. Central to the success of the results we get at The Body Retreat is our philosophy of the ‘Three Pillars’: Exercise, Nutrition and Behaviour. These core essentials underpin all our programmes; a balance of all three is vital for a healthy body, mind and lifestyle. We offer a number of programmes from specialised fitness weekends of dance, walking, yoga, or golf, to week long retreats for weight loss, fitness, detoxing or de-stressing, both in the UK and in Europe.