Privacy Statement

The information we collect is not shared with email advertisers or other parties.

At Cision we care about providing you with the tools and information to manage and protect your online privacy. We have therefore developed a policy to inform you about the types of information this website collects, who may receive that information, and what we may do with the information.

While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any questions about this policy, contact us at:

332 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Il 60604
Phone: 312.922.2400


Cookies are small files that contain information a Web site uses for tracking purposes. This web site uses cookies to facilitate the visitor experience and/or to enhance site content by compiling aggregate information about which specific sections and pagers visitors use.

Information collection

Cision collects the following types of information:

  • Traditional contact information such as mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers.
  • Internet contact information such as email addresses.
  • Information about the visitor's computer system, such as the web browser type, IP address and operating system.
  • The number of web pages visited, click stream data, and other navigation information.
  • Non-financial identification information, such as user name and password combinations.

Compiling this information helps us to better understand site usage patterns, and which types of content are of greatest interest to the visitors of our site. In addition, this information allows us to notify visitors of updates to our site, and to contact them with information about Cision's portfolio of services.

Information sharing

The information we collect is not shared with email advertisers or other parties. Only Cision employees who need access to the information in order to do their jobs have access to it. These employees are fully committed to our privacy and security policies.

If you believe we are not handling your information in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact our Client Services department at 800.621.0561. You can also email us at If for some reason we have violated our privacy policy, we will correct the error as soon as you notify us.

Safe Harbor Privacy Policy for Cision US, Inc.

Cision US, Inc. ("Cision," "we," or "us") respects the privacy of its customers, vendors, partners, and others ("you"). We are committed to the use and disclosure of personal information in a way that complies with applicable laws where we do business.

We comply with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries. We have certified that we adhere to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view the company's certification, please visit

We follow the Safe Harbor Principles and the FAQ Categories published by the Department of Commerce that the United States Department of Commerce issued on July 21, 2000 in order to comply with the "adequacy" standard for privacy protection embodied in the European Commission's Directive on Data Protection of 1998. As a participant in the Safe Harbor, according to the FAQ Categories published by the Department of Commerce we enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our privacy protection policies are recognized as adequate in all 27 member states of the European Union;
  • Our privacy protection policies are deemed adequate, meaning that we may properly receive personal data originating in the European Union; and
  • European Union Member State requirements for prior approval of data transfers either will be waived or approval will be automatically granted.

Our Safe Harbor Privacy Policy ("the policy") states the principles that we follow with respect to personal information transferred into the United States from the Member States of the European Union and worldwide. We have also designated a Group Infrastructure and Security team and Chief Privacy Officer. This team supervises the internal application of the policy and our Chief Privacy Officer is available to answer questions and to respond to requests at

Collecting Personal Information

We receive personal information about our employees and customers from our affiliated companies, who are authorized to transfer the information to us. With respect to such information, we act only as a processor of data. When we process this data, we follow the instructions of our affiliates, who are acting as data controllers.

We provide software that helps our customers manage media information. When we receive this information directly from our customers, we do not own or control it. With respect to customer-submitted information, we act only as a processor of data on behalf of our customers.

We provide products and services intended to help our customers more effectively manage their media relations. When we do so, we act as a data controller of any personal information that gets released.

We maintain a database of media outlets that our customers can use to manage their own press campaigns. We collect information about these outlets including names, likenesses, and business contact information. This information does not include sensitive information such as data about race, sexual orientation, or religion.

We collect and maintain product usage data for our applications and web sites, including information on how you make use of the various pages on our website. We only use this information internally to improve our products and services for our customers.

We also collect and maintain information from third parties including affiliates, vendors, and partners, and U.S. employees. We use this information to enable us to maintain our relationships with these third parties and do not use or disclose this information except for this purpose.

Safe Harbor Privacy Protection Principles

Notice - We will notify you about the purposes for which we collect and use information about you. As we have noted in the policy, we may collect information to maintain and update our database, improve our product and service offerings, and send information to our customers and other persons concerned.

Choice - We will not use your information except for the purposes for which we collected it without your consent. You have a right to opt out of our use of your information.

To opt out of our use of your personal information, you may contact our Chief Privacy Officer at the address provided below or by sending an email to

Written communication should be addressed as follows:

Chief Privacy Officer - Safe Harbor Opt Out
Legal Department
Cision US, Inc.
332 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60604

We will confirm your identity prior to making any changes to our information.

Data Integrity - We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information will be relevant for its intended uses. We will not use your information except for the purposes for which we collected it without your consent. We will take reasonable steps to assure the information we receive from overseas is reliable, accurate and complete. Specific steps depend on purposes for which will use the personal information.

Onward Transfer - We comply with the notice and choice principles as described above for all data which we will disclose or transfer to a third party.

We may from time to time use agents to perform processing tasks as part of the services that we perform for our customers. These agents will either:

  • Subscribe to the EU Safe Harbor Principles, the EU Data Protection Directive or another adequacy finding;
  • or Agree to provide the same level of privacy protection that we offer to you.

Security - We will take reasonable precautions to protect personal information in our possession from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Only those persons who have a specific business purpose for maintaining and processing such information and data will have access to it. Such individuals are aware of their responsibilities to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Please report any security compromises or potential security compromises and any inquiries concerning security to our Chief Privacy Officer at or at the address provided above.

Access - You have the right to access your information that we maintain. You have the right to receive confirmation as to whether we include information about you in our products and to correct, amend, or delete that information when it is inaccurate. This right only applies to your personal information and is subject to other limitations as defined by law.

To make an access request, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer at or at the address provided above.

Our Chief Privacy Officer will assist you in fulfilling your access request. In order to confirm your identity, you will have to provide sufficient information to confirm your identity.

We will process all reasonable requests for access within a reasonable time period, but we reserve the right to deny access or limit access in cases where the burden or cost of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to your privacy or in the case of a vexatious or fraudulent request.

Enforcement - In order to comply with the European Union's Safe Harbor principles, we commit to the resolution of complaints about our privacy and our collection or use of your personal information. We have committed to resolve any complaints by European Union citizens relating to this policy, through BBB EU Safe Harbor, a dispute resolution procedure administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. If you wish to file a complaint or have issues with our EU Safe Harbor policies, you should contact our Chief Privacy Officer via email or written communication as described above. Our Chief Privacy Officer will explain the complaint process.

We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with this Policy, the Safe Harbor Principles, and Frequently Asked Questions. If we cannot resolve your issue, we will submit the dispute to an independent third party resolution provider in accordance with Safe Harbor principles. Contact information for our third party resolution provider is:

Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.
BBB EU Safe Harbor
4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-276-0100

We are subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission may be contacted at the following address:

Federal Trade Commission
Attn: Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20580

Changes to this Safe Harbor Policy

The practices described in this policy are current personal data protection policies as of December 22, 2009. We reserve the right to modify or amend this policy at any time consistent with the requirements of the Safe Harbor Principles and will provide appropriate public notice of such amendments.