“Not only are we thrilled to be working with a la mode, we’re excited about what this means for appraisers. Everyone works differently -- and a la mode gets that. It’s obvious they’ve been listening to their customers. With TOTAL 2013 and the TOTAL Store, a la mode is continuing to focus on exactly what matters: the appraiser.”
Steven Wright, President of PhoenixSuite
“We’re happy to include PhoenixMobile in the TOTAL Store. Appraisers have been asking us to integrate with their apps and will be pleased that we’re giving them more options in the mobile arena,” Farley said.
John Farley, President of a la mode’s Appraisal Division
We’ve been fans of Bluebook for a long time and are excited to finally integrate with them via the TOTAL Store. Using the standard TOTAL Store APIs and agreements has enabled all of us to shift our creativity toward new product and marketing ideas instead of custom development and deal negotiations.
John Farley
We recognize the important leadership role that a la mode plays in the appraisal and related markets. We are excited to join together the industry’s leading products. The combination of Bluebook’s AppraiserBASE and a la mode’s TOTAL Store platform is exciting and represents the future of the appraisal industry.
Mark Josipovich
“With more than half of all residential real estate transactions in the nation having one or more closing-centric documents flow through our servers, we know that continuity is critical to the efficient functioning of the entire mortgage market,” noted Jay Shafer, a la mode’s CEO. “The new headquarters is in addition to our current facilities and will not alter client workflow or affect operations in any way whatsoever.”
Jay Shafer, CEO
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