• Emma Kröjtz

    Communications Manager

    Sodra Forstadsgatan 2 SE-211 43 MALMOE
    +46 768 72 96 70
    +46 768 72 96 70
  • Per-Ola Malm

    CEO & President

    Södra Förstadsgatan 2 211 43 MALMÖ
    +46 707 12 75 90
  • Quotes

    – In the network you will find some of the most skilled techsperts in the world. They solve difficult and complex challenges every day for clients within the aerospace, automotive and retail industries as well as the public sector. The demand for tech expertise is growing and with our business model we can quickly create the right teams. We have created a new brand platform where consultants will find inspiration and resources to develop future solutions and get help from like-minded people
    Per-Ola Malm, CEO A Society Group
    I am extremely proud and grateful to have been entrusted to lead the A Society Group after Thomas. We, as a company will continue to offer the best assignments to the most skilled consultants worldwide. For us, the relationship with consultants and clients is extremely important and together with our industry and domain expertise, we make sure to help clients with the supply of skills from specialists in IT and R&D. In the tracks of the pandemic, we see a bright future, there is plenty of opportunity and the need for skilled consultants is great. Right now, we have many exciting assignments that can be performed remotely
    Per-Ola Malm, incoming President and CEO of A Society
    I am honored to be appointed as CEO, A Society Norway. The Norwegian consultancy market is ready for a new consulting company who will focus on local knowledge and delivery together with a global experince. Together with our Norwegian customers and supplier we strive to create great values to the workforce market by focusing on maximize every individual’s capability to perform
    Oscar Felldin, CEO of A Society AS
    Our establishment in Norway is strategic and to succeed with this long term journey there will be need of a passionate commitment combined with a strong business focus and an entrepreneurial drive, which Oscar will contribute with as the CEO of A Society Norway
    Thomas Goréus, CEO & President of A Society
    I am excited by the opportunity to join A Society. I have been fortunate to develop a large and deep network of international sourcing partners, a valuable resource for identifying highly skilled resources. As A Society expands its geographic presence in North America and India, I look forward to helping the company meet the needs of its clients and partners around the world
    Shahid Dar, Head of International Recruiting
    I am honored to be appointed as CEO, North America for A Society. North America is a key part of A Society’s corporate strategy of serving global customers on a local basis, and I look forward to helping A Society grow its North American business
    Ryan Kluft, CEO, North America of A Society
    The merger of our companies has been an exciting and successful journey and I am so grateful that it is going so smoothly. We are uniting competent colleagues, we see a continued high growth rate and recently we started five new market initiatives such as the development of the new business areas; Life Science, Finance and Civil; and the foundation of our business in India and England. This feels great and the expectations for the future are high!
    Jeanette Rumenius, CEO of A Society Consulting AB & Deputy CEO of A Society AB
    I am thoroughly looking forward to joining A Society, the role offers an exciting opportunity to significantly contribute to the companies continued success globally. Initially my role will be support the supply of consultant’s opportunities to work in Sweden. Supporting Swedish based companies with a UK presence. Eventually developing opportunities for Swedish based consultants to work in the UK
    Steve Cracknell, Lead Talent Acquisition Manager at A Society
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