ABAX switches to HERE as default map provider

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June 2021 - Larvik and Amsterdam

ABAX is happy to announce that they have signed a new default map provider to improve their customer experience. ABAX will be using HERE Technologies' geocoding, map tiles, routing, speed limits and route matching on all their SaaS services.

All future customers of ABAX will see all their assets, tools, vehicles and machines in the HERE-map as default, and it is the start of a great partnership for future development in the ABAX solution.

By partnering with HERE, we will strengthen this position even further, opening up a range of potential new services through the HERE partner Eco-system, says Paul Walsh CTO at ABAX

We are pleased to be a European market leader in telematics. Together, we are helping customers position their assets, analyze how vehicles are being driven and know whenthey need servicing. says Dieter Lange, Head Partner Organisation EMEAR at HERE Technologies.

HERE is a location data and technology platform, which moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. By leveraging an open platform, they empower the customers to achieve better outcomes - from helping a city manage their infrastructure or a business optimize their assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. 

We are also looking forward to supporting ABAX into expanding into the insurance industry, providing all the necessary data to map out driver behaviour scores, said Dieter Lange


To learn more about HERE or ABAX, please visit www.here.com,  http://360.here.com  and  ABAX.com.


Media Contacts ABAX
 Paul Walsh , CTO

Media Contacts HERE
Adrianne Montgobert
 +49 171 1234567