By moving fully to the cloud, we can quickly scale up our performance to meet demands with “a click of a button”. There is no need for expensive hardware investments and long lead times as we grow our platform.
Wan Luo, Senior Director of Engineering in ABAX 
Volvo is a significant supplier of machines to the Scandinavian market. The opportunity to be able to connect to technology that is already installed in Volvo's machines will enable major gains for both the environment and costs.
Paul Walsh, CTO of ABAX
In a hectic and speedy workday, Hackathon is a way for us to make room for our developers to think outside of the box to be innovative and at the same time have fun. The end goal is for us to come up with some great ideas that increase growth on our new and existing portfolio.
Kjetil Lassen, Director of S/W Engineering 
In line with our evolving strategy and ambitions it is important to give the team an arena to be creative, look for new solutions and implement ideas that will provide value to our customers.
Paul Walsh, CTO and leader of the Tech section. 
By using ABAX and Linkway a customer can get GPS data from multiple sources and see the combined picture in one solution.
Bjørn Brustad, Commercial Integration Manager, ABAX
With two acquisition and all the new people, we will see more collaboration, ideas and insight. We want to mix the teams and have people work in new circles. We want people to get to know each other and share their experiences.
Wan Luo, Senior Director of Engineering at ABAX
Together with RAM track-and-trace high technical knowledge and software functionality ABAX will form a leading Nordic SaaS telematics company and deliver value-added connectivity services to the customers of both companies.
Morten Strand, CEO ABAX
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