AcadeMedia comments on Covid-19

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All AcadeMedia’s preschools in Norway and Germany are affected by national and regional decisions to close preschools and schools. The school voucher will continue to be paid out during this period. In Sweden, all operations will remain open.

The situation can change rapidly and AcadeMedia is closely monitoring developments related to Covid-19. National and regional directives by governments are being followed with the highest priority.


Norway decides to close preschools

AcadeMedia operates 104 preschools in Norway with approximately 9,400 children affected by the Norwegian government’s decision to close all preschools and schools. The decision was effective from 6:00pm Thursday 12 March and lasts until Thursday 26 March. The closure can be extended if the Norwegian government finds it necessary.

Many of AcadeMedia’s preschools will however remain partially open for professions that are critical to society, such as health care professionals and police.

The school voucher will continue to be paid during the decided closure period.


Germany decides to close preschools

AcadeMedia operates 46 preschools in Germany with approximately 3,400 children. All AcadeMedia’s preschools are affected by the federal states’ decisions to close. The decisions are effective from 16th of March until 18th April with minor regional deviations.

All preschools will remain partially open for professions that are critical to society.

Compensation from each federal state/city is unchanged during the decided closure period.


In Sweden schools remain open but changes in regulation enables distance education

In Sweden, all operations are open. A new regulation has come into force that enables the school operators (“huvudman” sv) to meet students' right to education in alternative ways. AcadeMedia’s Swedish operations are now working to provide continued education in the event of any closures. AcadeMedia has an established and solid infrastructure for distance education that can be extended.

Our assessment is that the school voucher in Sweden will continue to remain in the event of a school closure. Within the Adult Education Segment, we work to ensure continuity of education in close consultation with our customers. The Adult Education Segment is well equipped to provide distance education.


AcadeMedia has dedicated crisis teams in all three countries where we operate. These teams are working continuously to support our operation and to ensure that government decisions and recommendations are followed. AcadeMedia has a great responsibility to protect the health of our employees, children, students and adult education participants. AcadeMedia also has an important responsibility to support our operations and society-at-large by limiting the spread of the virus.


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