AcadeMedia plan for more openings in Germany

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AcadeMedia has decided to open 600 additional preschool places in Germany. This means that the plan now is to open 3,300 preschool places in total in regions where demand is high.

Today, five years after opening, AcadeMedia has places for more than 5,000 preschool children in Germany, distributed across 65 units. The expansion plan is clear. At present, AcadeMedia has decisions to open 3,300 additional preschool places, including the latest decision to start 600 new places.

There is an extensive pipeline of additional units and negotiations are underway with real estate companies and authorities for additional 1,700 places. If negotiations are successful and these plans come to fruition, AcadeMedia will be offering places for just over 10,000 preschool children in Germany. The majority of these new preschools will be in regions, where AcadeMedia’s mature preschools have a 100% capacity utilization.

As previously communicated, the target for new preschools in Germany in the financial year 2021/22 was 15 units. The plan is now 16 to18 units. 

Germany continues to have a strong need for preschool education. Currently, there is a shortage of roughly 350,000 places. Availability of preschool places has a major impact on both the labour market and gender equality within the country.

-     German parents have high demands for the preschool they choose for their children, in terms of both care and learning. Our Scandinavian preschool model has a strong international reputation, which bodes well for AcadeMedia in Germany. Germany is an important growth market for us, says Marcus Strömberg, CEO of AcadeMedia.

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Kristofer Hammar, Director of business development at AcadeMedia

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