Issue and repurchase of class C shares for incentive program

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AcadeMedia AB (publ) announces that the board of directors has resolved to issue 160,000 class C shares and immediately thereafter repurchase all of the issued shares.

By virtue of an authorization by the annual general meeting on 24 November 2017, the board of directors of AcadeMedia has resolved to increase the share capital with SEK 160,000, through a directed issue of 160,000 new class C shares to Nordea Bank AB (publ) (“Nordea”), each with a subscription price of SEK one (1) per share, corresponding to its quota value. Pursuant to the board of directors’ resolution, the entire issue of class C shares will thereafter be repurchased from Nordea for the same price.

The purpose of the issue and the repurchase is to ensure delivery of shares to employees within AcadeMedia under the long term incentive program, adopted by the annual general meeting on 24 November 2017. The class C shares will be converted into ordinary shares prior to delivery to qualifying participants of the incentive program. The class C shares do not entitle to dividends and each share entitles to 1/10 voting right. Apart from the above, AcadeMedia holds 165,000 class C shares from before.

For more information, please contact: 

Marcus Strömberg, CEO
Telephone: +46 8 794 4200

Eola Änggård Runsten, CFO
Telephone: +46 8 794 4240

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