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    Accedian's MSP Advantage will address the new service introduction process by providing additional key investments and consulting expertise that many MSPs and MSSPs are missing which can significantly limit them in terms of launching new services. The majority of programs today reward partners on success, but do very little to help them expand in new markets where revenue potential is high. This is exactly the focus of the new benefits we are offering as part of our Skylight 4X Program updates.
    Kevin Baranowski, Senior Director of Accedian’s Global Enterprise MSP and MSSP Channel Sales.
    In a competitive market and with a competitive solution, it is the ‘extras’ that drive more adoption and a stronger brand. With the updated Skylight 4X Program, we are helping our partners move beyond the technology sale to create new services that drive real value to their clients and differentiate themselves.
    Sergio Bea, Vice President of Global Enterprise and Channels, Accedian
    Colt's vision is to become the most customer-oriented business in our industry. This partnership marks the continuation of a journey which will deliver exceptional customer performance monitoring and the ability to augment Colt's operational systems with real time performance data. Equally important is the capability to offer bespoke customer insights, supporting our customers in their own digital evolution.
    Robin Farnan, Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering at Colt
    Colt is leading the transformation in intelligent cloud and data center connectivity services around the globe. They are truly at the forefront of enabling enterprises with the most agile, high-quality digital connections available—and dynamic networks need a dynamic promise of assurance. We are extremely proud that our very long-standing partner, Colt, has entrusted the quality and performance of the Colt IQ Network to Accedian Skylight.
    Dion Joannou, Chief Executive Officer at Accedian
    Accedian Skylight’s state-of-the-art sensor technology is truly unique in the industry. That combined with Accedian’s approach to engineering and future-looking vision of combining sub-second monitoring with network detection and response (NDR) capabilities makes it a critical solution for us. This gives us the ability to both create value for our organization and put in place a cyber resiliency strategy we can rely on, giving us unprecedented visibility, monitoring and analysis capabilities. Cybersecurity is ultimately at the heart of everything we do at Goya—it is a part of our IT DNA.
    Suvajit Basu, Head of IT at Goya Foods
    Skylight has allowed us to transform how we monitor traffic, identify issues proactively, strategically plan capacity, and ultimately, better serve and protect our end users.
    Suvajit Basu, Head of IT at Goya Foods
    We’re pleased to partner with Goya to give them increased control of every aspect of their network and end-user experience. Their proactive approach to strategic IT planning and management allows them to benefit fully from Skylight’s comprehensive capabilities, current and future. We look forward to mutually-beneficial relationship of innovation and success with Goya.
    Sergio Bea, VP of Global Enterprise and Channel Sales at Accedian
    We are very proud to have completed the verification for HIPAA compliance and shown our continued commitment to serving hospitals and healthcare organizations with secure, modern technology that can help them excel with their digital transformation and improvement initiatives. Accedian Skylight empowers IT teams to take control of their users’ digital experiences and drive increased efficiency, giving healthcare providers the foundation they need to avoid any downtime and boost quality of care and patient outcomes.
    Sergio Bea, Vice President of Global Enterprise and Channel Sales
    Visibility is paramount for a truly cyber resilient enterprise, but it’s a challenge to maintain alongside current privacy guidelines and expectations. Skylight’s new decryption capabilities are a win-win in this regard: organizations can continue effectively monitoring and troubleshooting their network performance, while customers and employees can be certain their information is safeguarded at all times.
    Sergio Bea, VP Global Enterprise and Channel Sales, Accedian
    A network monitoring solution is meant to bring the best quality of experience to end users, and Skylight’s new decryption capabilities are a continuation of just that. The technology is efficient and quick—it’s highly scalable and leaves a minimal CPU footprint. With 97% of our customers reporting they were planning on installing TLS 1.3 in the coming months, they can now do so without sacrificing performance, speed, or that all-important visibility.
    Tom Foottit, VP Product Line Management, Accedian
    We’re pleased to join TM Forum to help solve challenges around interoperability and openness in the rapidly changing 5G and edge environment. Their community-first approach that led to the development of assets such as their Open API toolkit, Digital Maturity model, and Catalyst program means we can accelerate industry-wide transformation that ultimately feeds into our main goal: providing operators with the most detailed and comprehensive visibility into their customer’s digital experiences, no matter the underlying technology or environment.
    Dion Joannou, CEO of Accedian
    As we begin to adjust to the ‘next normal’, our members are working diligently to address challenges around the long-term impact on people and ways of working; practical ways to accelerate transformation projects; and what truly needs to change to enable innovation and growth – with a focus on future design of network and IT teams. The work our members are doing is critical to delivering the agility, experience and cost base required for our industry to thrive. We are thrilled to have Accedian on board.
    Nik Willetts, CEO, TM Forum
    CRN’s 2021 Channel Chiefs list includes the industry’s biggest channel evangelists, a group of individuals who work tirelessly on behalf of their partners and drive growth through the development of strong partner programs and innovative business strategies that help bring business-critical solutions to market. The Channel Company is proud to recognize these channel influencers and looks forward to following their continued success.
    Blaine Raddon, CEO of The Channel Company
    For the sixth year in a row, I’m proud and honored to be named to CRN’s annual list of Channel Chiefs. This honor is a direct reflection of Accedian’s unparalleled commitment to our channel and partner community, especially in a year where businesses are faced with navigating complex challenges and changes. We believe through strong partnerships and an even stronger technology foundation, enterprises will be equipped for success in 2021.
    Sergio Bea, Vice President Global Enterprise and Channels, Accedian
    Companies have invested in tools, but have underinvested in security integration, testing, training, and automation within IT ecosystems for comprehensive cyber resiliency during the last twenty-four months. Instead they have rushed to deploy cloud applications across private, hybrid, multi-operator and multi-cloud infrastructure, leaving their security posture exposed. Accedian and UnderDefense have invested heavily to bring greater speed of reaction, discovery, and threat mitigation to both give control back to CIOs and to provide our clients with a dynamically-adaptive Detection & Response, IR, and Ethical Hacking framework. You can invest in solutions like MDR, a SIEM, or a SOC, but you’re buying technology without context if you don’t address cyber resiliency through a business continuity lens and incorporate network based threat analytics.
    Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO and Founder of UnderDefense
    Cyber resiliency addresses every thread in the tapestry of an organization; it’s a must in today’s business environment, given that a cyber-attacker only needs to find one loose thread to unravel the organization’s business continuity and threaten financial sustainability. C-suites and boards simply cannot maintain financial viability if a nefarious organization owns their security keys, intellectual property, trade secret information, or pricing.
    Michael Rezek, VP Cybersecurity Strategy at Accedian
    With over 30 years of telco experience, including more than a decade with Verizon, John will undoubtedly bring unparalleled insights to Accedian. His role on the board will be crucial as we look to continue our strategic growth and target new markets and customers.
    Patrick Ostiguy, Founder and Executive Chairman of Accedian
    We’re pleased to bring John onto the board of Accedian. His time leading major players in the telecommunications space will be greatly relevant to the future growth of the company.
    Tom Manley, Accedian’s Lead Director and Senior Principal at Bridge Growth Partners
    COVID-19 or not, it would be wise for businesses across industries to fortify their networks so they can work more efficiently in this remote, distributed era. If there’s one thing the current pandemic has taught us, it’s that networks and applications are the backbone of the digital economy. In order for businesses to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape, it is important for leaders to understand how the pandemic impacts network performance, as well as the causes and effects of poor network performance on their business productivity, IT teams and end-user experience. Based on our research with IT leaders, we’re able to provide data-driven insights to organizations scaling in this new environment.
    Sergio Bea, VP Global Enterprise and Channel Sales, Accedian
    With Skylight, RETN gains truly comprehensive network visibility that allows them to deliver carrier-grade connectivity with high performance expectations and premium service level agreements: this is critical for service providers that aim to put customer experience first and provide a high quality of service.
    Gerhard Auer, Vice President of Sales for the EMEA region at Accedian
    Our network coverage, technical expertise and fast service delivery make us stand out from the competition in all territories we operate. Meeting customer’s requirements in low latency and high service availability is another key competitive advantage for us and the main driving force for continuous investments in our network. Accedian’s Skylight turned out to be a fantastic solution, and deployed easily as a subscription service, providing us with new levels of end-to-end performance visibility.
    Andrey Gazizov, Deputy CTO at RETN
    Supplied with necessary automation and analytics tools to support efficient performance management and network operations, Skylight continuously monitors our network in an extremely granular manner which gives us the macro view of our network and deeper insight when we need it, helping speed up issue resolution. We can detect and fix previously hidden microbursts and other issues even faster, so that our customers can enjoy uninterrupted services and focus fully on their core business needs.
    Andrey Gazizov, Deputy CTO at RETN
    Every modern enterprise is harvesting massive amounts of data that, if leveraged correctly, can have a transformative impact on their business. By combining the end-to-end visibility capabilities of our Skylight solution with the mission to drive maximal value from data of Tranquil Data, we’re confident that we can help CIOs navigate the third party data risk challenges they are faced with and provide the context they need to achieve their digital transformation goals.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Accedian
    We’re excited to partner with Accedian, a company that strongly believes that visibility and knowledge equates to capability and success. This matches our mission at Tranquil: enabling users to fast track digital transformation projects and cloud migration initiatives by harnessing context to mitigate third-party risk and maximize new, derived use of data.
    Seth Proctor, CEO and Founder at Tranquil Data
    Skylight provides the critical observability needed to ascertain the application communication transactions and detect advanced, targeted cyber breaches and other evasive attacks that are notably more difficult for organizations to find and prevent. In short, it provides the digital assurance required to empower the smart city infrastructure ecosystem.
    Michael Rezek, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy, Accedian
    To enable electrification, autonomous vehicles, and smart infrastructure, we must engineer a scalable solution that is built for our next generation. The infrastructure must be resilient enough to enable jobs and capital, while also providing market sectors, like insurance, a means to balance innovation with risk in a world teeming with new technological opportunities. Observability and trust are paramount to how we integrate those sensors, vehicles and supply chains. That is why this partnership is critical to our future infrastructure. Industrial, utility, and automotive companies will all blend into one ecosystem. Data must be able to pass through them safely and securely while still maintaining all regulatory compliance cross borders. We are honored to be among a few select companies that have the depth and breadth of experience in this interconnected landscape, and Accedian’s Skylight and Savari will give us the visibility to achieve transparency and trust.
    Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context
    The emergence of 5G is enabling the rollouts for V2X infrastructure to happen sooner. The time is now to address both the needs of smart cities and automotive vehicle manufacturers for connected and autonomous vehicles. We are excited to combine the power of our three companies to help create a platform framework for the insurance industry to meet nationwide Vision Zero initiatives.
    Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari
    In a world of millions of autonomous cars and billions of sensors, there will be a whole host of unforeseen and new infrastructure challenges. Industrial, utility, and automotive companies will blend into one ecosystem. Data must be able to pass through them and still maintain all regulatory compliance. We are among a few select companies that have the depth and breadth of experience in this interconnected landscape, and Skylight will give us the visibility to achieve transparency.
    Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context
    Skylight rapidly provides the critical insight needed to detect advanced, targeted cyber breaches and other evasive attacks that are notably more difficult for organizations to find and prevent: in short, it provides the digital assurance required to operate the global economy’s critical energy and supply chain ecosystem.
    Michael Rezek, Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy at Accedian
    Application delivery is increasing in complexity with distributed cloud processing (e.g. core, edge, access) across the networks that connect these cloud environments and the rapidly emerging world of IoT.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, Accedian
    Accedian Skylight’s performance analytics capabilities unify end-to-end service performance monitoring with network traffic visibility on a single platform. Mobile operators can automate performance reporting and give their automotive OEM, or smart city, customers a real-time view of their networks and services. We're excited to partner with Savari to accelerate the support of ultra low-latency applications at the edge.
    Dion Joannou, CEO, Accedian
    Savari's expertise in C-V2X in-vehicle software and infrastructure platforms put us in a great position to track the performance of V2X applications. With this partnership, we believe that most latency sensitive use cases can now be monitored and attested to the service level agreements of mobile operators. Adding Accedian as a partner, combined with MobiledgeX’s collaboration with GSMA, brings us one step closer to our core 5GAA mission of making roads safer and smarter in a cost-effective manner.
    Ravi Puvvala, CEO, Savari, Inc.
    CIOs and CFOs are being told you have to make a trade-off between cloud and telecom, but with Accedian and Solace, that trade-off no longer has to be made. Successful digital transformation outcomes will leverage federated networks with assured performance.
    Eric Braun, Chief Commercial Officer, MobiledgeX
    The emerging world of 5G will enable new experiences and business models. Delivery of data to applications in a predictable, auditable way is foundational for enterprises to realize the opportunity and to meet emerging regulatory requirements.
    Paul Fitzpatrick, Chief Business Development Officer, Solace
    Application delivery is increasing in complexity with distributed cloud processing (e.g. core, edge, access) across the networks that connect these cloud environments and the rapidly emerging world of IoT. Until recently, the challenge was that there had not been a high performance, guaranteed class of service around event handling. Publishing events across a multi-carrier network that spans jurisdictions and borders had been best effort with no SLAs from end-to-end, or publisher-to-subscriber.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Accedian
    Accedian Skylight’s performance analytics capabilities unify end-to-end service performance monitoring with network traffic visibility on a single platform. Business services providers can automate performance reporting and give their enterprise customers a real-time view of their network and services. The ability to correlate data for predictive problem identification and faster troubleshooting gives service providers a leg up, allowing them to pinpoint issues that are causing applications to slow down and affecting productivity or disrupting critical communications services like video conferencing.
    Tom Foottit, VP Product Management at Accedian
    Enterprises are demanding near-real-time visibility into performance monitoring and reports of key performance metrics of their business-critical services. Service providers can securely expose real-time data for reporting purposes through customer self-service portals for ease of consumption. Knowing that the service provider has the same view of the service performance as the enterprise customer provides complete transparency and improves customer trust.
    Anil Rao, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason
    Network operations teams are desperate for this kind of consolidation because it can streamline operations and improve their visibility into application performance, end user experience, and security events.
    Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President of Research, Network Management, for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
    In an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s critical for us to continue providing industry-leading solutions to our customers so they, in turn, are able to deliver seamless digital experiences to their customers. We’re excited about the new capabilities delivering valuable insights into both application and network performance in a unified view that is unique in the industry. IT teams cannot be better equipped than with Skylight to help them identify and solve performance issues quickly before they impact the customer experience.
    Gareth Humphreys, Solution Manager at Solution Performance Group
    Enterprises are moving applications to the cloud faster than ever before but they struggle with visibility into complex, multi-tier applications. We are proud of the advances we have made to help our customers overcome these challenges by delivering the industry’s first unified network tool that provides both active and passive insights at this level of granularity and scale. Skylight leverages cutting-edge technologies to offer highly accurate analysis to our customers so they can continue innovating at the accelerated pace required for leading modern businesses.
    Tom Foottit, VP Product Management, Accedian
    By combining our 5G edge environment with Sfara’s detection capabilities and Accedian’s assurance and security visibility, we are addressing a missing piece in the adoption of C-V2X for autonomous vehicle operation and the profitable inclusion of humans in a multi-modal environment. The combination solves one of the most central hurdles of autonomous driving—the assurance and verification of critical safety events involving cross carrier orchestration of highly distributed networks and common resource management.
    Eric Braun, Chief Commercial Officer at MobiledgeX
    Governments and their governance, risk, and compliance partners need to forensically audit the applications and transactions of these autonomous systems, regardless of where they’re established. This is especially true for highly regulated applications related to automotive, transportation, finance, and healthcare that require an ecosystem of experienced solution leaders with a history of expertise in solving these complex problems at scale. We are thrilled to collaborate on this transformative initiative with Sfara and MobiledgeX.
    Dion Joannou, Chief Executive Officer, Accedian
    The combination of Sfara’s multi-modal event detections, even at low speeds, for collision avoidance, First Notice of Loss, and other use cases, and Accedian’s quality of service assurance and security in MobiledgeX’s 5G edge environment creates a frictionless, enterprise-level offering that is accelerating the deployment of C-V2X worldwide.
    Erik Goldman, Chief Executive Officer of Sfara
    There is a growing demand for applications, device services and data to be highly localized in terms of performance, compliance, security and ownership which requires a densely and widely distributed set of service availability locations from data center and hyperscale clouds to public and private operator networks – all the way to devices. Our platform intelligently places and executes workloads at these service availability locations where their transit and delivery must be predictable, measurable and assured in order to meet telco and enterprise standards and requirements. Partnering with Accedian allows us to fulfill this promise.
    Eric Braun, Chief Commercial Officer at MobiledgeX
    The promise of 5G lies in the creation of an environment by which external applications can ‘write to’ the capabilities of the underlying mobile network to take advantage of the ability to reserve capacity in the form of radio, compute, latency, bandwidth, etc. Then looking at mobile edge compute – this opportunity provides a window to the lowest latency services for enterprises and end customers. However, all this promise and the adoption of the technology will be severely hindered if customers cannot rely on its assured, consistent delivery. With a trust model in place providing the assurance that performance and these strict requirements will be delivered without fail, we remove a significant barrier to adoption and continued innovation for enterprises and service providers.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Accedian
    Gerhard joins us at a critical junction in our journey as we have gone through a tremendous evolution at Accedian. Our focus on the EMEA region is in line with our commitment to our customers globally; providing not only the valuable insights our data analytics can deliver through Skylight, but also, through Gerhard’s leadership, the high-level of service and support that our customers have come to expect from Accedian to help drive real business transformation.
    Dion Joannou, Chief Executive Officer, Accedian
    I am excited to be joining Accedian at this point in their transformation and looking forward to taking the EMEA region to the next level by extending the reach of our industry-leading Skylight solution portfolio. Service providers and enterprises alike are ill-equipped with traditional monitoring solutions and are still not getting the value and information they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing, complex landscape. Together with the team, I am committed to helping our customers remain at the cutting-edge of technical innovation while ensuring success with their digital transformation goals.
    Gerhard Auer, Vice President of EMEA Sales, Accedian
    We are pleased to be recognized for this innovative Proof of Concept along with our customers and partners. SLA violations and penalty assignments are a major source of inefficiency and churn within the telecom sector. This PoC offers a route to automate the process in a clear, transparent and secure fashion.
    Dion Joannou, Accedian CEO
    Accedian is committed to continuous innovation within both telecoms and enterprise technology. The development and recognition of this PoC by the Metro Ethernet Forum is just one example of how we are expanding future business and revenue opportunities for our partners, customers, and the broader technology ecosystem.
    Dion Joannou, Accedian CEO
    Improving the customer experience is a top priority for Telefonica. Accedian’s Skylight solution provides full visibility into network, providing a highly efficient mechanism for communication monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure that all issues impacting customers can be prioritized and quickly identified and resolved.
    Javier Gavilán, Director of Core, Network Platforms and Transport and IT at Global CTIO, Telefónica
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