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    Gerhard joins us at a critical junction in our journey as we have gone through a tremendous evolution at Accedian. Our focus on the EMEA region is in line with our commitment to our customers globally; providing not only the valuable insights our data analytics can deliver through Skylight, but also, through Gerhard’s leadership, the high-level of service and support that our customers have come to expect from Accedian to help drive real business transformation.
    Dion Joannou, Chief Executive Officer, Accedian
    I am excited to be joining Accedian at this point in their transformation and looking forward to taking the EMEA region to the next level by extending the reach of our industry-leading Skylight solution portfolio. Service providers and enterprises alike are ill-equipped with traditional monitoring solutions and are still not getting the value and information they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing, complex landscape. Together with the team, I am committed to helping our customers remain at the cutting-edge of technical innovation while ensuring success with their digital transformation goals.
    Gerhard Auer, Vice President of EMEA Sales, Accedian
    We are pleased to be recognized for this innovative Proof of Concept along with our customers and partners. SLA violations and penalty assignments are a major source of inefficiency and churn within the telecom sector. This PoC offers a route to automate the process in a clear, transparent and secure fashion.
    Dion Joannou, Accedian CEO
    Accedian is committed to continuous innovation within both telecoms and enterprise technology. The development and recognition of this PoC by the Metro Ethernet Forum is just one example of how we are expanding future business and revenue opportunities for our partners, customers, and the broader technology ecosystem.
    Dion Joannou, Accedian CEO
    Improving the customer experience is a top priority for Telefonica. Accedian’s Skylight solution provides full visibility into network, providing a highly efficient mechanism for communication monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure that all issues impacting customers can be prioritized and quickly identified and resolved.
    Javier Gavilán, Director of Core, Network Platforms and Transport and IT at Global CTIO, Telefónica
    Telefónica is a valued customer and we are thrilled to build on that relationship with this UNICA certification. They are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with network virtualization as they prepare for the data demands of 5G and dynamic business-critical network services. Our Skylight solution generates performance data in the most granular, precise and efficient way, analyzes that data to produce insights, and manages all of that in a way that can be fully automated and orchestrated. This certification ensures that we are poised to support Telefonica in their next phases of innovation as they continue to deliver reliable, industry-leading solutions for their customers around the world.
    Dion Joannou, Chief Executive Officer, Accedian
    Our relationship with Telefónica’s properties in Latin America has been pivotal to both companies’ success. Our synergistic relationship will be further enhanced with this UNICA certification as Accedian will be assuring quality to Telefónica’s cloud-based services, as well as paving the way to a solid implementation of new technologies. We’re very excited to be part of this momentous time for Telefónica.
    Carlos Brito, Vice President of Sales, CALA, Accedian
    Given its architecture, its multifaceted monitoring capabilities, and its track record, EMA recommends that enterprises evaluate Accedian’s Skylight solution. Skylight’s ability to correlate insights across both synthetic and traffic-based monitoring data is also noteworthy, and EMA research found that this kind of correlative ability is particularly useful for providing operations teams with insight into application performance, security events, end-user experience, and anomalous activity.
    Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates
    We are honored to be named an EMA Vendor to Watch. This recognition validates our Skylight solution’s ability to radically improve user experience and demonstrates a clear return on investment for our enterprise customers. Skylight delivers an unparalleled ability to dive deep and find the source of any degradations for quick resolution, as well as providing 100% visibility for hybrid IT and cloud infrastructures.
    Sergio Bea, Accedian’s VP of Enterprise and Channels
    As more and more customers adopt a cloud strategy, it’s become increasingly important that their networks and applications run seamlessly without disruption during this process. Cloud migration is often a time- and resource-intensive journey, and Accedian facilitates the process with real-time, microsecond-level performance visibility that ensures the performance of networks and applications in hybrid and cloud environments, providing end user experience equal or better to that of physical infrastructure, but with the added benefits and efficiencies of utilizing these virtual options.
    Chris Kirschke, CEO, Bodega Technologies
    We are excited to be working with Bodega Technologies to bolster its analytics and cloud performance offerings with Skylight, our end-to-end network and application performance visibility solution. As a Champion level partner in our Skylight 4X partner program, we’re very familiar with Bodega Technologies’ capabilities, and we look forward to continuing our work together to deliver best-in-class performance analytics solutions that address the evolving needs of modern businesses moving to the cloud.
    Sergio Bea, VP Global Enterprise & Channel Sales, Accedian
    Service providers are ramping up 5G deployments while enterprises continue to advance their digital transformation strategies toward secure, cloud-native, end user experience-centric operations. The stakes are high in this complex environment, and the line between success and failure often depends on having full control over and visibility into network and application performance.
    Anthony McLachlan, VP of Sales for the APAC region at Accedian
    Our partnership with M.Tech brings complete network and application performance management (NAPM) and analytics capabilities, through our Skylight portfolio, to a market that is both on the cutting edge of next-generation service delivery and is also hungry for proven solutions that are ready to handle both immediate cloud migration, 5G, and security challenges and opportunities, as well as grow into future ones. Skylight is the leading solution for anyone who needs to detect and analyzing performance issues, analyze root causes, and take rapid action to protect data security and user experience
    Anthony McLachlan, VP of Sales for the APAC region at Accedian
    Being appointed an Accedian Skylight partner allows us to bring next-generation network and application management solutions to our enterprise and service provider customers, helping them achieve their business goals.
    Stanley Foo, CEO of M.Tech
    Our existing partners and customers to benefit from Skylight include organizations currently engaged in digital transformation projects to hybrid and cloud environments, and operators rolling out 5G services with assured service level agreements (SLAs) and customer experience metrics. We look forward to a fruitful partnership delivering market-leading NAPM solutions across APAC.
    Stanley Foo, CEO of M.Tech
    There’s absolutely no doubt that AI is becoming an integral part of network operations, but it’s early days and there’s still a long way to go if we are to see AI deliver its full potential. AI bias is and remains a huge topic of contention. Telecom networks generate significant amounts of data, which will only increase with the move to 5G. This data needs to be collected, cleaned and categorized effectively before it can be used to train an AI system. It’s important that the issues around AI bias are addressed and that CSPs have high quality data and the right analytics tools to unleash the potential of AI on their networks.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Accedian
    More and more enterprises and service providers around the world are becoming increasingly reliant on mission-critical, low-latency networks. They simply can’t afford to have limited visibility into how their network is behaving. We are committed to helping our customers remain at the cutting-edge of technical innovation, and that begins by giving them the ability to better understand network bandwidth and utilization on an extremely granular level. This level of visibility had never been financially viable in the past, but thanks to the micro detail capabilities of our Skylight solution, we are empowering our customers to see what was previously invisible, allowing them to better control the experience they deliver to their own customers.
    Dion Joannou, CEO, Accedian
    Cloud migration of previously on-premises technologies has changed the picture for many organizations, leaving CIOs feeling that control has been relinquished and complexity has been increased. Yet, the need to delight and retain customers by exceeding their expectations remains the constant competitive battle, all while keeping performance, security and cost in tight focus
    Dion Joannou, CEO, Accedian
    Following strategic development over the past two years, Accedian has evolved and positioned itself to help solve the new problems generated by the digital transformation era. Our full-stack solution to these problems delivers unbeatable lines of sight to CIOs and IT teams whether the data exists on-premise or in their private or third-party cloud environments. We are enabling CIOs to regain control and simplify their entire digital landscape, to take performance and customer experience to new heights.
    Dion Joannou, CEO, Accedian
    With Skylight, we are detecting issues that had previously gone undetected and now have a complete ‘telescopic and microscopic’ view of network and service performance in a single tool, which opens up a sea of opportunities. There is a major network evolution underway with 5G and with this new understanding of our network, we have a fighting chance of providing SLA guarantees for new services that have performance requirements we’ve never seen before.
    André Ethier, Telecom Engineering at Bouygues Telecom
    We are really pleased Bouygues Telecom has selected Accedian as its strategic partner for real-time monitoring and analytics of network and service performance. Skylight analytics, a cloud-native platform, is designed to ingest and understand performance management data at scale to improve network quality and customer experience. Our team continues to work closely with Bouygues Telecom to continuously enhance Skylight with new features that deliver real business outcomes.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Accedian
    It is a pleasure to welcome Don to our board. His depth in the financial services industry and strength in overseeing global technology and business operations will greatly benefit Accedian.
    Tom Manley, Accedian’s Lead Director and Senior Principal at Bridge Growth Partners
    Don is a technology visionary and transformative leader in driving strategic change across global organizations. He brings a wealth of insight and experience that will help us continue to scale our business and position Accedian with Fortune 100 customers.
    Patrick Ostiguy, Accedian Founder and Executive Chairman
    We are excited to work with Quali as it gives our customers an opportunity to safely replicate and measure the impacts of application, cloud and network migrations on business productivity and the bottom line. We understand how important it is for all businesses to ensure secure application delivery anywhere, while not sacrificing high levels of performance for business-critical applications. We look forward to working with Quali and Cavirin on new solutions to orchestrate and automate the testing of network slices and 5G network labs.
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Accedian
    Testing 5G networks using Lab as a Service with Secure and Fast capabilities empowers organizations to accelerate their products and services to market. With intelligent cloud tools such as Secure & Fast, it has become a lot easier to deploy workloads efficiently and uniformly across public, private/hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The granularity of Accedian’s solutions will be key to analyzing network flows within the data center as well as measuring end user experience and application transaction times.
    Sunny (Dos) Dosanjh, Technical Marketing Director, Quali
    “I am very excited to have Dion take on the CEO role,” said Patrick Ostiguy. “We have had the opportunity to work together over the last 18 months, and I am extremely impressed with his passion, dedication and, in this short time, how he has helped transform the company into the leader for end-to-end network and application performance visibility for both service providers and enterprises. With over 30 years of industry experience, Dion’s operational expertise and international experience makes him the ideal person to step into the CEO role as we continue to grow and help our customers navigate through their digital transformation journeys. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of this caliber as part of our organization. This is truly a significant milestone for our company.”
    Patrick Ostiguy, Founder and Executive Chairman, Accedian
    “We are pleased that Accedian SkyLIGHT PVX qualifies for the VMware Ready logo, signifying to customers that it has met specific VMware interoperability standards and works effectively with VMware cloud infrastructure. This signifies to customers that SkyLIGHT PVX can be deployed in production environments with confidence and can speed time to value within customer environments.”
    Kristen Edwards, Director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware
    “By using Accedian SkyLIGHT PVX with VMware's vCloud NFV platform, organizations can easily deploy a certified solution that immediately provides value, eliminates performance blind spots and ensures that business-critical applications function flawlessly. Unified NPM/APM becomes particularly powerful in environments where IT and network operations teams need to assure experience across data centers or within hybrid and multi-cloud environments."
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer at Accedian
    "5G promises to open up new revenue opportunities from outside the telecoms sphere, but that’s only possible if operators can commit to the service guarantees and experiences that these new vertical industry customers need. Cloud and mobile connectivity are far more than just an abstracted Ethernet cable; running reliable, global networks, that are increasingly distributed across hybrid virtualised and physical infrastructure, is a complex business. The only way to ease the pain is to gain an intimate knowledge of how those networks function—empirical performance analysis data and its correlation and visualisation are essential in assuring quality of experience.”
    Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Accedian
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