We are pleased to strengthen our ties to Addovation, which is one of our key channel partners in the region. Based on our long history of successful collaboration, as well as Addovation’s commitment to growing its presence throughout Scandinavia, I am convinced that the current expansion will benefit all stakeholders—Addovation, IFS, and, most importantly, our customers
Glenn Arnesen
“Addovation’s solutions have already proven their capability to increase efficiency through automation and integration using MS Office as the user interface to IFS Applications. User friendliness gets a whole new meaning, lowering user thresholds and freeing up time for IFS users.
Roger Teagle, CEO of Cedar Bay Ltd
We have already successfully implemented Addovation’s solutions for two customers in the US, showing a high return on investment. We look forward to helping other IFS customers in the US gain more efficiency and user friendliness through Addovation’s solutions
Michael Tapper, President of Enterprise Consulting Inc.
By using Addovation we eliminate the burden of tedious reporting away from our Information Management Department with regard to the production of templates. We will reduce the manual work because we will be able to create templates like MoM, report templates, advanced weekly reports, monthly reports, etc. that can be easily reused
Endre Røyneberg, Project Manager at Apply Sørco
Addovations solutions brings added value to our organization. We will gain enhanced productivity by automated processes, get a higher return on investment from both IFS and Microsoft Office and also be able to offer our employees a user interface built for interoperability between IFS and Microsoft Office.
Mark Halbach, ERP Analyst at Lou Rich
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