AddSecure and Ava Security join forces to increase security for lone workers

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AddSecure integrates Ava’s video solutions to secure workplaces and safeguard vulnerable professionals.

AddSecure, a leading European provider of IoT solutions with a focus on secure critical communications and data, has entered into a new collaboration with the technology and security company, Ava Security.

Ava’s offerings include advanced surveillance cameras, smart image and audio analysis, and the Ava Cloud service, which enables cloud-based integrations with several technologies, including alarm systems. Video surveillance via the cloud means that apart from the camera itself, no on-premises installation is required. Video monitoring is conducted through Ava Aware, a dynamic web application whose integration with AddSecure’s various personal alarms and alarm management apps enable it to alert users when a threat or emergency occurs.

For example, when an employee in a vulnerable situation activates their personal alarm, a rapid local response can be sent to that location to prevent or mitigate serious consequences. This can be crucial when every second counts, before security guards or police make it to the scene.

“Ava’s camera solutions are a significant addition to our Smart Rescue offerings. At AddSecure, we see that professionals such as lone workers have an increased risk of being exposed to threats and violence. Through this collaboration, we are combining advanced technology and expertise to help municipalities and companies increase the safety and security of their employees,” says Magnus Hammarsten, VP of Smart Rescue Nordic, AddSecure.

The cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors in a variety of locations. For schools, a combined camera and alarm solution can minimize damage to a school playground. In nursing homes,staff can keep track of where patients are, increasing the safety of everyone in the facility.

“We are pleased with our close collaboration with AddSecure, through which we can make a difference together by creating safer workplaces. With the combining of our Ava video solution and AddSecure’s personal alarms, sensors, and alarm-receiving apps, we can safeguard vulnerable professionals and workplaces while also preventing serious incidents from occurring at all,” says Rickard Hammar, EMEA Partner Director at Ava Security.

The collaboration allows AddSecure to strengthen its Smart Rescue offerings throughout the Nordic region.