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    Being named an Inspiring Workplaces winner once again is truly humbling. This award, along with the special recognitions, is a testament to our investment in our employees and our dedication to making AddSecure a great place to work.
    Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture Officer at AddSecure
    “We are delighted to support the continued development of the business unit Smart Mobility. This acquisition underscores our dedication and is a key component of our ongoing growth strategy.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    This certification is the gold standard for information security and demonstrates AddSecure’s continued commitment in making the security of our systems, data, and the information entrusted to us by our customers and partners, a top priority. We view this not only as a validation of our current practices but as a foundation for maintaining trust and staying at the forefront of industry best practices.
    COO Krister Tånneryd
    Our collaboration with EA-RS Group is not just about technology; it's about future-proofing our customer’s operations.
    Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of AddSecure Smart Transport UK
    The IoT Executive of the Year award is a tremendous honor that I accept on behalf of the entire AddSecure team. Our dedicated, talented, and hard-working employees have been the drivers behind our strong growth as we deliver on our mission to make the world safer, smarter, and more sustainable through secure IoT solutions.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO, AddSecure
    AddSecure's Eco-Driving Challenge exemplifies the power of collective commitment to sustainability. The impressive results of reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and substantial cost savings showcase not just efficiency but a shared responsibility towards a greener future supported by our powerful solutions. Together, we steer towards a more eco-conscious tomorrow.
    Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at AddSecure
    I'm delighted that we've secured a spot on the shortlist for the esteemed IoT Global Awards in two categories. I take special pride in the nomination of our secure IoT connectivity solution, Link, for the title of Best Secure IoT Product/Service of the Year. This recognition affirms the value of our innovative solution, which not only streamlines operations and scales effortlessly but also enhances global safety without requiring specialized safety expertise from users,
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    Since implementing AddSecure's connected fleet management and temperature monitoring solutions we have experienced a significant reduction in accident rates and insurance premiums. The improvements in safety, efficiency, compliance, and sustainability of our overall transport operations have given us a competitive edge in the industry.
    Kuljinder Gossal, Operations and Group Fleet Manager at Igloo
    We are delighted to be able to make a key contribution to the renewal of the Swiss LSVA together with Kapsch TrafficCom. As a leading provider of telematics solutions in Switzerland and in many European countries, we know the needs of our customers very well. It is therefore very important to us to offer the users of the future LSVA III the same high level of customer service as part of the contract award.
    Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at AddSecure
    We are proud to see our recent investment activities recognized with a nomination for the Dutch M&A Awards. This nomination reflects the dedication and expertise of our team in executing successful deals that create value for our stakeholders and customers.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    We are proud to have been appointed Career Company 2024. For me, it is a testament to the commitment of all our employees where we together create a workplace that is both inclusive and caters for development. The basis for this is our values that create conditions for everyone to contribute with their unique skills and to be themselves.
    Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture Officer at AddSecure
    We are delighted to welcome DigiComm Group to the AddSecure family. Their extensive knowledge and experience in critical infrastructure solutions complements our existing solutions portfolio. In addition, the acquisition enables us to continue our expansion in the DACH region where we will leverage DigiComm Group's established customer base and strong market presence.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    For us, every delivery matters, and maintaining the integrity of the goods we transport is paramount. AddSecure's solutions have not only provided us with the necessary tools to ensure the quality and safety of our cargo but have also enabled us to offer an added layer of transparency and assurance to our customers.
    Andrew Revely, General Manager at Dennis Distribution
    This acquisition is an important step in our European growth strategy as we seek to ensure AddSecure is well positioned in key IoT verticals and to sustain our competitive advantage.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    I am very happy that our efforts are being recognized. By offering secure IoT solutions, we at AddSecure help our customers digitalize, optimize, and streamline their operations with sustainability gains. Going forward, we will continue to build our secure IoT solutions and support our customers towards our vision to create a safer and smarter world,
    Johanna Giorgi, Chief Sustainability Officer at AddSecure
    AddSecure will leverage Clifford’s market-leading mobile security and connected mobility expertise and platforms not only for continued growth in the Benelux market, but also for expansion into new markets as well as into adjacent non-automotive verticals. Furthermore, the deal will also create cross-sell opportunities.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    The introduction of the IRIS-4 50 is a significant milestone for AddSecure as this new terminal addresses the ongoing pan-European telecommunication technology shifts and sunsets. Its compact size, uncompromised security, and affordability enable us to address a new market segment and expand our customer base, contributing to strengthen AddSecure’s alarms offering across Europe.
    Willem L. Harthoorn, International Sales Director Smart Alarms, at AddSecure
    The Federation's commitment to promoting best practices in the cold chain logistics industry aligns with our own mission to provide the most advanced and effective solutions to our customers. We look forward to working closely with the Federation and its members to drive innovation and improve the safety and efficiency of the cold chain logistics sector.
    Paul Lawrence, Managing Director, AddSecure UK
    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative AI-powered video telematics solution. This cutting-edge technology will help fleet operators ensure that their drivers are safe on the road by detecting signs of fatigue and alerting drivers to take a break. We are confident that our latest offering will revolutionize road safety and help prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving.
    Ulrika Allén, VP Product & Technology Smart Transport, AddSecure
    Being named in the Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces and to be in the running for Inspiring Workplace of the Year is a great honour!
    Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture Officer at AddSecure
    With his solid experience and knowledge within the rescue services in Sweden, and strong competence in secure critical communications, Uno is the right person to develop LPA further.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO at AddSecure.
    These findings highlight the need for greater investment in technology and infrastructure to support the transition to sustainable fleets in Europe, both in terms of meeting the transport companies’ requirements and in turn for them to be able to meet their customer’s demands. Without such investment, transport companies will struggle to overcome these challenges and meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions.
    Claes Ödman, President Smart Transport at AddSecure.
    I am very honoured by the appointment and look forward to the mission. As I see it, the Sustainability Council has two main tasks: to monitor issues that are important to its members, and to highlight the opportunities of digitalization, i.e., to show what we can achieve using digital solutions and how we can contribute to better social development.
    Johanna Giorgi, Chief Sustainability Officer at AddSecure
    Secure IoT connectivity solutions are critical to the important operations of our transport and logistics customers. With telematics data from Schmitz Cargobull trailers, transport and logistics operators across Europe will benefit from next-level fleet management. We are happy to have Schmitz Cargobull on board to make fleet and transport solutions better, smarter, and more sustainable.
    Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at AddSecure.
    Open standards and interoperability are a cornerstone of our strategy. We see being part of Open Telematics as a natural step for AddSecure to further increase our exchange of data with partners for the best possible customer experience.
    Ulrika Allén, VP Product & Technology at AddSecure Smart Transport
    This is a great recognition of the effort done by the whole AddSecure group to implement a joint sustainability program. The rating confirms that we have managed to build a solid foundation. From here we can continue to focus on the core of our business: helping customers optimize their operations through smart and secure IoT connectivity solutions.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    Supporting people to live independently at home for longer is vital not only for their own well-being, but also for the society as a whole. By taking advantage of connected technology, society can respond better to the increased need for elderly care and help to alleviate the care crisis considerably. This is perfectly in line with AddSecure’s vision of a safer and smarter world and something I am very proud of.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    Through the acquisition, we will continue in accordance with our strategy and strengthen both our offering and our expertise in software services. We look forward to working with Mats Hessman and his team.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    In recent years, we have faced challenges such as a global pandemic, which has put working environments and the way we work to the test. The IT industry is also changing rapidly, especially with digitalization. The fact that we continue to be titled an attractive employer is a testament to our strong company culture and clear employee engagement.
    Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture Officer at AddSecure
    We are very proud of this award, which is proof that the long-term work with our corporate culture and values has made a clear mark both within and outside our organization. Our corporate culture program has been implemented with great commitment by several colleagues around Europe and we are delighted that this work has been recognized with such a prestigious award.
    Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture at AddSecure
    We see our strong corporate culture, AddCulture, as a competitive advantage. AddCulture is crucial for our solid employee commitment and our ability to recruit and retain employees. It also affects the work we perform, our organization, and our sales.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    We are excited to welcome LOSTnFOUND to the AddSecure family. They join a like-minded organization. Together, we will take our customers' logistics operations to the next level, streamlining operations and optimizing fleets utilization. This is good news for our customers as it helps them to drive their business forward.
    Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at AddSecure
    Already in the first week, the films were shown over 100,000 times. The ambition of the short films is to make the Smart Transport solutions easy to understand and to raise awareness of what we offer - and hopefully along the way contribute to a smile and Christmas spirit in an entertaining way.
    Johan Stråkander, Marketing Director Smart Transport, AddSecure
    I look forward to welcoming LOSTnFOUND into the AddSecure Group. This acquisition delivers on our strategy of becoming the leading provider of fleet and transport management solutions in Europe and will add complementary telematics and tracking solutions to our business. We believe this acquisition will help us serve our customers in an even better way today and in the future.
    Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at AddSecure
    The award means a lot to us, and we are delighted that the jury has given us this recognition. AddSecure Inside is an innovative solution with a focus on simplicity and security and a good example of how we – together with our partners – are involved in driving the development of innovative, smart, and secure IoT solutions throughout Europe.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
    By gathering all knowledge under the same brand, we will be able to strengthen our Smart Alarms’ portfolio, expertise, and market coverage in Europe. The combined offering will benefit customers across Europe who will be provided with future-proof, secure, and reliable end-to-end IoT connectivity solutions.
    Peter Johansson, President Smart Alarms, AddSecure
    This innovative solution is a perfect fit for the fast-evolving security market with increasing IT focus on simplicity, data and security. We are very proud of AddSecure Inside, which is why we are particularly happy with the nomination and recognition.
    Sten Olsson, Chief Development Officer at AddSecure
    We are thrilled to welcome Peter to the AddSecure team. His strong leadership skills and technology background combined with his extensive experience of creating profitable growth, will ensure alignment with the company’s financial and strategic goals.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO, AddSecure
    Sustainability forms the basis for everything we do. It’s about the sustainable impact we can create for our customers through our secure and smart IoT solutions. Publishing AddSecure’s first sustainability report is an important milestone for the company. I am proud that we can share how we contribute to a safer and smarter world.
    Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure
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