AddSecure launches temperature alarms for cold transport with Co-Driver

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AddSecure strengthens its temperature-monitoring transport solution with the introduction of automated alarms.

AddSecure Smart Transport announces the launch of the new Alarm Module for its Co-Driver fleet management application including several temperature alarms. The module is designed to automatically identify deviations and anomalies within the constant stream of data that flows through the Co-Driver Weboffice fleet management portal.

By automatically sending notifications to carriers when anomalies are detected, the temperature alarms ensure companies to take quick actions if temperatures deviate from set points or pre-determined levels.

"The temperature alarms are meant to warn users of deviations in real time so that the right decisions can be made quickly before any quality concerns arise on the products being transported," says Olivier Datry, VP AddSecure Smart Transport France.

AddSecure Temperature Alarms use the information transmitted to the Co-Driver Weboffice portal through the Asset Pro unit. Connected to the reefer's data logger it receives information from the temperature sensors. The solution enables the configuration of different types of alarms: if a predefined temperature limit is exceeded or if there is a deviation from a desired set temperature, also if no temperature is reported for a certain time.

Each alarm can be configured for a vehicle or a group of vehicles. In the event of a deviation, the transport managers are informed via notifications directly on the Weboffice portal, and the MobileOffice application for Smartphones. The Alarm Module also enables you to set up e-mails to alert drivers directly.

On the Co-Driver Weboffice portal, transport managers have access to a dashboard with an overview of all existing alarms and their configuration. The history shows all alarms triggered by a vehicle. Also, the user has the option to configure an automatic e-mail notification, and data is permanently recorded and archived. In case of a claim, companies have the possibility to provide reports to justify the respect of the cold chain, and to avoid penalties related to the delivery of non-compliant goods.

Olivier Datry added: “With the alarm module, AddSecure remains true to its goal of providing companies with reliable and innovative solutions to optimize their transport operations. We leverage our expertise in secure data and critical communications to help our customers contribute to a safer and smarter world.”