UK based Telematics and Fleet Management specialist Connexas rebrand as AddSecure

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Following the acquisition of Connexas in May of 2020, the UK based telematics company is now rebranded as AddSecure. The objective is to further strengthen its position within the fleet and transport management area. 

AddSecure, a leading European provider of premium IoT solutions with a focus on secure data and critical communications, today announced the rebranding of Connexas to AddSecure. With an established presence in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Australia, Connexas have provided their expertise to the transport and logistics industries for over 20 years. Now presenting these solutions under one cohesive brand and name, AddSecure and Connexas can further strengthen the offering to the transport and logistics sector.

The company cultures, technology synergies, and vision for delivering premium transport solutions will greatly benefit from the rebrand. It will provide greater opportunities to develop the market offerings and will establish a sense of clarity and unity when conducting business.

Johan Frilund, President Smart Transport, AddSecure commented:“Both AddSecure and Connexas are passionate about delivering exemplary service, and ensuring the customer remains the focus of our efforts. This rebranding will further grow our offering and strengthen the quality of services available to new and existing customers.”

Andrew Overton, VP Smart Transport UK (former Connexas) commented:“Presenting our solutions under one brand and one company name not only strengthens our position in the market, but also allows us to provide a greater selection of solutions to our customers in a unified approach.”

In the coming years, there is a keen eye on the transport industry to be more efficient, sustainable and data driven. Not only by using less fuel but also by omitting less pollutants into the atmosphere. With a proven track record of helping customers to achieve greater efficiency levels, bringing Connexas together with AddSecure was a natural move.

Using data-driven information from flexible and scalable solutions can make significant improvements to a fleet’s running costs and profitability.

“Since the acquisition it has been a goal to consolidate and bring the most comprehensive Fleet Management solution on the market to the transport industry, in the UK, Europe, and beyond. Aligning our branding with AddSecure will allow our customers to benefit from an all-in-one solution, from a single provider,“ says Andrew Overton, VP Smart Transport UK.

As Connexas and AddSecure continue their mission to provide transport and logistics companies with smart solutions, doing so from an integrated position will elevate their performance levels and lay the foundations for potential growth in the future.