Aesculap, Inc. to Participate in the SAGES 2016 Annual Conference;Featuring Caiman® Vessel Sealer Portfolio

Booth Number 406 at Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts from March 16 – 19, 2016

Aesculap, Inc., a leader in surgical technology is pleased to announce that it will participate and display its products at the SAGES annual conference at booth 406 at the Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts from March 16 -19, 2016.

Visitors to Aesculap’s booth will see the company's comprehensive portfolio of Advanced RF Seal and Cut Technology. Available in articulating and non-articulating formats, the vessel sealers bring efficacy, ease of use, and innovation together to deliver clean and consistent seals for laparoscopic and open procedures.

Reliable Vessel Sealing Through Innovative Design, Caiman® Vessel Sealers -

  • Tip first closure and hinged jaw design promotes tissue retention and uniform tissue compression for a clean and consistent seal
  • Long jaws for heightened procedural efficiency, sealing and cutting up to 47 mm of tissue at a time

  • 80 degrees of articulation for improved maneuverability and access to difficult to reach anatomy

Caiman Seal and Cut Technology consists of dedicated bipolar electrosurgical instruments intended for use in general surgery and gynecologic surgical procedures where ligation and division of vessels is desired. The instruments create a seal by the application of bipolar electrosurgical RF energy (coagulation) to vascular structure (vessels) interposed between the jaws of the device. A cutting blade is actuated for the division of tissue.

Also being featured at the booth is the innovative DS Ligation Clip System, a cost-effective and secure option for laparoscopic appendectomies. Its “double clip” design acts as a fenestrated grasper for a firm hold on tissue and to stabilize the clip against axial dislodgement.

Amy Burkey
Senior Project Manager – Corporate Communications
Aesculap, Inc.

About Aesculap, Inc.

Aesculap, Inc., a B. Braun company, is part of a 175-year-old global organization focused on meeting the needs of the changing healthcare environment. Through close collaboration with its customers, Aesculap provides advanced technologies for general surgery, neurosurgery and closure technologies. Aesculap continues a proud heritage of leadership and responsiveness as we strive to deliver products and services that improve the quality of patients’ lives. For more information, call 800-282-9000 or visit



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