“Lumbar Total Disc Replacement is no longer an investigational technology,” said Scott Blumenthal, MD of the Texas Back Institute (Plano, TX), who performed the first artificial disc replacement (ADR) in the US more than 15 years ago. “Guiding patients to experienced arthroplasty surgeons can increase patient access to lumbar TDR.”
Scott Blumenthal, MD
We are very pleased that the FDA has determined activL to be safe and effective for lumbar total disc replacement. We are excited to be the first medical device company in ten years to introduce a new lumbar disc to the market. This U.S. approval is validation of Aesculap’s commitment to introducing innovative technologies that give patients alternatives to the standard of care.”
Chuck DiNardo, Aesculap President
“The product is easy to implant, there is no potential for leakage of cells out of the defect area as the cells are equally distributed within the implant [due to the nature of the scaffold]. The hope is that NOVOCART 3D will promote a hyaline-like repair of the cartilage to mimic the natural joint and provide homogenous ingrowth of articular cartilage for good long term results.”
Kenneth R. Zaslav, M.D
S4 Element MIS is a simple, intuitive, and elegant system that has many unique features that address th eneeds of both experienced and transitioning MIS surgeons.
Peyman Pakzaban, MD
This new implant represents an exciting advancement in unicondylar knee replacement. The patented Advanced Surface technology provides additional benefits for surgeons and patients alike.
Chuck DiNardo, President - Aesculap
Due to the optimized surface coating, the device supports excellent interbody fit and also long term bony apposition. It is clear that the PlasmaporeXP coating provides good initial stability with superior long term results.
Boyle C. Cheng, PhD
These exciting results not only support our mission to improve the quality of a patient’s life, but represent a cornerstone for the future of spinal fusion treatment.
Chuck DiNardo, President - Aesculap
The positive results of this study not only support our mission to improve the quality of a patient’s life, but represent a new benchmark in total knee arthroplasty surgery.
Chuck Dinardo, President - Aesculap
These hands-on courses pack a tremendous amount of information. The faculty are outstanding – they are approachable and skilled. The lectures are informative and well-planned. The laboratory component is top-notch and there is ample time to both learn and to practice the techniques. The facility is state-of-the-art as well with a modern, comfortable lecture hall and an impressive “wet lab” that simulates the O.R. beautifully.
Jonathan Lee, MD
The new Quintex plate covers the spectrum of anterior cervical plating from rigid fixation to dynamic settling in one system. It also provides a new controlled settling option not seen in previous plating systems.
Todd J. Stewart, MD, of Missouri Baptist Medical Center
The PlasmaporeXP coating found on the CeSpaceXP implant provides the ideal surface composition and architecture for direct bone contact, resulting in higher mechanical strength and improved implant stability.
Bob Spiro, PhD, Vice President of Aesculap Biologics
The S4 SRI enabled simultaneous reduction and distraction making it easier to use while reducing overall procedure time. The reduction maneuver was precise and controlled and reduced the risk of inadvertent movements.
Terrence L. Piper, MD
The PL-AGE implant is the only truly dynamic translational stand alone cervical stabilization device that incorporates the superior mechanical benefits of dynamic stabilization, learned from clinical experience with dynamic cervical plates.
Fred H. Geisler M.D., Ph.D.
This meeting is one of the largest and most influential global orthopaedic meetings and it is a perfect venue for Aesculap to introduce new products and technology to the orthopaedic surgeon community. At the same time, it allows us to enhance our understanding of the current state of the orthopaedic industry.
Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap
“proSA is a solution to the difficult situations faced by both the surgeon and the patient”.
Christoph Miethke, President and Head of Research & Development at Christoph Miethke GMBH & Co. KG
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