Aesculap, Inc. Unveils Innovative 20 Points of Value Application

Application Demonstrates Clinical and Financial Value of Surgical Asset ManagementOffering

Aesculap, Inc., a leader in surgical technology and central service optimization practices, today announced the official launch of its innovative 20 Points of Value application. Designed specifically to visually show the impact of enhancing a hospital’s Surgical Asset Management (SAM) practices on both the clinical and financial outcomes of a hospital, the application features interactive tools and games, including the 20 Points of Value tour, Surgical Asset Management ROI Calculator and SAM IQ Quiz. The education application was beta tested at the Aesculap, Inc. booth at this spring’s AORN and IAHCSMM conventions.

“Finding the balance between providing high-quality clinical patient care and keeping financial costs down has never been of greater importance to hospitals and health systems as it is right now. Between increasing regulatory standards and decreasing reimbursement rates, health systems are being forced to do more with less,” said Chuck DiNardo, President of Aesculap, Inc. “And while many health systems have learned the hard way that cutting costs can decrease quality patient care, there is a better way. By collaboratively working with Aesculap to enhance the practices within a hospital’s life sources – its Central Service department and surgical teams – hospitals can best position themselves to meet the emerging challenges of the evolving healthcare environment.”

The 20 Points of Value application serves as an education tool for CS professionals, surgical and perioperative managers and hospital administrators and executives. It delves into the 10 clinical and 10 financial points of value, providing statistics and background on how optimizing surgical instrumentation processes and Central Services sterilization and decontamination practices, to name a few, can impact a hospital’s revenue, risk, reputation and ability to meet regulations. The Points of Value include:

Clinical Points

  1. Reduced Errors
  2. Reduced Delays
  3. Improved Quality and Consistency
  4. Supports LEAN Initiatives and Other Efficiency Models
  5. Improved Communications
  6. Improved Service Levels and Flexibility Across Locations
  7. Improved Surgeon Satisfaction
  8. Improved Compliance
  9. Reduced Risk of Infection
  10. Improved Patient Safety

Financial Points

  1. Improved Set Utilization
  2. Reduced Inventory Cost
  3. Decreased Refurbishment and Repair Expenses
  4. Reduced Packaging Costs
  5. Increased Savings Through Process Optimization
  6. Reduced Reprocessing Costs
  7. Improved Cooperation between the SPD and OR
  8. Improved OR Turnover
  9. Reduced Immediate-Use Sterilization
  10. Improved Risk Management

“As any given hospital’s most valuable mobile asset, surgical instrumentation is critical to the success of quality patient care and a vital component of OR revenue. Yet, hospitals today face an invisible surgical crisis, where instrumentation is no longer an asset, but a liability,” said Yale Graves, Vice President of Marketing of Aesculap, Inc. “In fact, surgical instrumentation has a direct link to what we refer to as the Four R’s: revenue, risk, reputation and regulation. It’s our goal with this application to help hospitals recognize the importance of optimizing their instrumentation and sterilization practices.”

Aesculap co-developed the 20 Points of Value application in conjunction with its technology partner, Materials Management Microsystems (“Microsystems”). Microsystems, the market leader in sterile processing information systems, provides hospitals and health systems with instrument tracking, monitoring and documenting, compliance tracking, mobile patient equipment and surgeon scheduling technology solutions. The 20 Points of Value application can be accessed at

Amy Burkey
Senior Project Manager – Corporate Communications
Aesculap, Inc.

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