Aixia Secures Major Investment in Advanced Network Solutions from Leading Swedish Hospitality Company, value 5,3 MSEK

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Mölndal                                                                                      2024-07-10

Aixia, a premier provider of innovative network solutions, is pleased to announce a significant investment in its advanced network solutions from a current customer, one of Sweden's leading hospitality companies. This substantial deal, valued at 5.3 million SEK, underscores the hospitality company's commitment to upgrading its aging network infrastructure with a Next Generation networking platform, including state-of-the-art WiFi from Arista Networks.

As part of this transformative project, Aixia will be responsible for the design, installation, and ongoing support of the expansive new network. This partnership aims to elevate the customer experience within the hospitality sector by providing seamless, high-speed, and reliable connectivity throughout their facilities.

Petter Ahlén, Sales Manager at Aixia, commented on the collaboration: "We are thrilled to partner with such a prominent player in the hospitality industry. This investment highlights the trust placed in our expertise and the quality of our solutions. We look forward to delivering a cutting-edge network that will significantly enhance the guest experience and operational efficiency."

The implementation of this next-generation network infrastructure is expected to set a new standard in the hospitality industry, ensuring that guests and staff benefit from uninterrupted and high-performance connectivity.


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