Making Omega-3s Cool: Aker BioMarine Wins Awards for its Work on Health Promotion

The company wins the Innovation Award for its Omega-3 Index Project in Australia and the best annual report award in Norway

October 31, 2017, Oslo, Norway: Aker BioMarine just took home the Complementary Medicine Innovation Award, granted by the Complementary Medicines Australia, for its work on omega-3 evangelism in Australia.

Last year, Aker BioMarine formed the Omega-3 Index Project to bring more attention to omega-3 insufficiency, which has become a global health concern. Since the program was extremely well-received in Australia, the company launched it on an international level.

“This concern of omega-3 deficiency is too important to ignore and knowing your Omega-3 Index should be as important as knowing your cholesterol. Having control over your number will help you make important adjustments to your diet, which will significantly reduce your risk of heart disease and other health issues,” says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine.

As part of this health awareness program, 5,000 Australians measured their omega-3 EPA and DHA levels in red blood cells during the past 12 months using the Omega-3 Index Test. With the Omega-3 Index Test, everyone has the ability to help identify, correct and maintain healthy levels of omega-3s, which is essential for good overall health.

In addition to the Innovation Award, Aker BioMarine also took home the gold medal for its 2016 annual report in the idea and design category at Farmandprisen 2017, the prestigious Norwegian award handed out since 1955. Aker BioMarine’s website came in third in the best website idea and design category.

“We are passionate about what we do and all credit goes to my colleagues who show such dedication and do remarkable work,” says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine. 

As part of the global health campaign, last week Aker BioMarine released a film, directed by a Norwegian award-winning director Per-Olav Sørensen to draw attention to chronic lack of omega-3s in people’s diet.

“We have taken on a giant mission to improve human health. From Australia to Norway, the omega-3 deficiency is globally relevant and does not discriminate. More than 80 percent of the world’s population exhibits insufficient levels of omega-3. We want to be a game-changer and for us to succeed we need to be world-class in everything we do,” says Johansen. 


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"This concern of omega-3 deficiency is too important to ignore and knowing your Omega-3 Index should be as important as knowing your cholesterol."
Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine