I got the idea after becoming frustrated that the natural Vitamin C beauty products I used always deteriorated in days, rather than months, so I began looking into ways to use natural particles to preserve the essential vitamin.
Karina Kovalchuk
Pilot data from the 2017 Norseman study clearly shows a drop in omega-3 levels following high-intensity exercise. This is important because we found that higher omega-3 levels were associated with less illness during training and better performance during the race, especially during the cycling leg. We also found that athletes with higher omega-3 levels recovered faster after the race.
Study leader, Dr. Andreas Berg Storsve, Director R&D at Aker BioMarine
Rapporten viser at mange av fiskeriene har gjort betydelige endringer som har vært nødvendige for å gjøre fiskeriene mer bærekraftige.
Cilia Holmes Indahl, direktør for bærekraft i Aker BioMarine
The report shows a significant improvement for several other fisheries from last year, which shows that many participants in the fishing industry are serious about doing business the right way.
Cilia Holmes Indahl, Director Sustainability at Aker BioMarine.
"This concern of omega-3 deficiency is too important to ignore and knowing your Omega-3 Index should be as important as knowing your cholesterol."
Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine
Most people have heard that the intake of fatty fish as well as long chain omega-3 fatty acids of marine origin is good for them. However, it is difficult to know how much omega-3s you actually need to ingest. Is one serving of Atlantic salmon per week enough? Or how much fish oil, krill oil or fish oil concentrates should you take?
Nils Hoem, PhD, Chief Scientist at Aker BioMarine.
Determining the Omega-3 Index offers you an opportunity to improve your health. A low Omega-3 Index means risk for heart disease, elevated blood pressure, suboptimal brain function, increased likelihood for major depression, and other health issues. From the Omega-3 Index, we learned a lot why humans need marine omega-3 fatty acids, and how much of them. The good news is that increasing the Omega-3 Index is easy – just increase your intake of marine omega-3 fatty acids. However, baseline levels of individuals differ, as does the response to increased intake. This is why one dose doesn`t fit all.
Prof. Dr. Clemens von Schacky, a cardiologist, co-inventor of the Omega-3 Index Test and CEO Omegametrix GmbH, the European laboratory for the HS-Omega-3 Index.
The industry showed CCAMLR that we are serious about taking responsibility for the Antarctic ecosystem. It was great to see how the industry really came together by going beyond regulation and the expectations of CCAMLR, which led to historic progress in the conservation of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean. Taking care of the ecosystem in which we fish is the best way we can ensure the future of our fishery
Webjørn Eikrem, president of Association of Responsible Krill Harvesters (ARK) and EVP Production and Supply Chain at Aker BioMarine.
We are very happy that the Association of Responsible Krill Harvesters decided to voluntarily not fish in the areas close to the penguin colonies that have been impacted during the last Antarctic summer. This was very welcomed by the commission, and endorsed by the entire community of environmental NGOs
Rodolfo Werner, Advisor, Pew Charitable Trusts & Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)