Divestment of series A shares held by the company for payment of share-based rewards and remuneration

Aktia Bank plc
Stock Exchange Release

19.3.2015 at 4 pm

Aktia Bank plc has today, supported by a decision taken by the company's Board of Directors, divested 57,083 series A own shares held by the company for payment of share-based rewards, mainly rewards from the Share Based Incentive Scheme 2011, earning period 2013–2014 to key persons included in the share-based incentive scheme.

Further the company has divested 7,032 own series A shares held by the company to members of the company’s Board of Directors as payment of 35% of the annual remuneration for board members 2015 in the form of Aktia A shares.

For more information about the Share Based Incentive Scheme 2011 and remuneration to the Board of Directors, see Aktia's Financial statements 2014, pages 10–11.

Following this divestment, the company's holding of own shares amounts to:


Series A 34,047
Series R 6,658

The Annual General Meeting of Aktia Bank Plc on 7 April 2014 authorised the Board of Directors to decide on divestment of own shares e.g. for implementation of the company's incentive scheme and remuneration of members of the company’s administrative bodies.




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