The process of our European expansion started with the acquisition of 6X International in Denmark and have proven successful. Entering the Benelux market has been a strategic priority for Alcadon Group and a market of great interest within our industry. We thank Fiberklaar for placing their trust in us.
Sonny Mirborn, CEO Alcadon Group
With the acquisition of Networks Centre, Alcadon Group is establishing itself in one of the largest and fastest growing markets in Network Infrastructure in the World, the UK. In addition, Networks Centre has successfully launched operations in the Netherlands in a short amount of time, where it currently has a strong base in the Data centre segment that complements Alcadon's current operations in the Benelux region very well. Today, Networks Center has a very strong position in the UK in not only the Commercial Networks and Data centre segments but is also one of few that has successfully established itself as a well-known player in the British broadband rollout with a complete fiber network offering. The company has an excellent reputation among both customers and suppliers, and we look forward to working together. With overlapping and complementary product portfolios, similar strategy and values, a solid system-solution mindset and supplier relations, everything indicates that Networks Centre and Alcadon Group will be able to make a significant contribution to each other's development.
Sonny Mirborn, Group Chief Executive Officer, Alcadon Group AB
Today we are pleased to announce that we have acquired 80 percent of the shares in 6x International in Belgium (after more than 12 years a part), a well-known partner of ours. The acquisition is a natural part of our growth strategy into the European market. We are looking forward to the cooperation with new colleagues and to explore the growth opportunities this will bring us in the Benelux market.
Susanne Stengade, Senior Vice President Central Europe, Alcadon Group Chief Executive Officer, Alcadon Denmark/Germany
We are delighted to have entered the Belgian market as majority owners of 6X international, a company with a solid market position since many years back within passive network infrastructure and a business model similar to Alcadon’s. The Belgian market is highly interesting in terms of the upcoming FTTH roll-out and the market structure with few players like Alcadon and 6X. Furthermore, we look forward to cooperating with NetTech Group to explore market opportunities together. This acquisition should be viewed as part of our strategy to establish a European footprint where presence in the Benelux region is viewed as a key step.
Sonny Mirborn, Group Chief Executive Officer, Alcadon Group AB Chief Executive Officer, Alcadon AB
The partnership with a renowned company like Alcadon will give 6X International access to the latest telecom technology and will further strengthen the customer offer. We are looking forward to sharing our technical knowledge which we have built up with NetTech and 6X International in Belgium. With more than 30 years of experience NetTech is a reference in the Belgian telecom world. The field experience coming from NetTech will also help Alcadon in designing and engineering new products. The closing of this deal is in line with the spirit of our company in always looking to elevate us to a higher level. We feel that Alcadon is the ideal partner to help us to accomplish this goal.
Ann-Sophie Helon and Charles Helon, Managing Directors Helkon
Alcadon has had a long-standing and close collaboration with CommScope in several markets. In Sweden, until today, the focus was primarily the Enterprise segment. We are very pleased to now be able to work in close collaboration with CommScope also within Telecom in the Swedish market. The collaboration significantly strengthens our customer offering and complements the group's existing customer offer.
Sonny Mirborn, CEO of Alcadon AB and Alcadon Group
A radical expansion of bandwidth will open up capacity for new services and allow exciting ideas to be explored in novel ways. As we move toward the goal of lightning-fast signals, we’ll continue to collaborate with Alcadon to ensure businesses have the innovation to enable a hyper-connected economy across Sweden.
Louise Vraa Lind, Sales Director CommScope
It is with great pleasure that we can conclude that Alcadon's offering in the German market is considered to be competitive by one of the leading players in Germany. Alcadon has, through 6X International and Alcadon GmbH, in a short time managed to build up a significant presence and a very good reputation in Germany within FTTx. Alcadon Group is now making efforts to scale up its presence significantly in Germany in the coming years.
Sonny Mirborn, CEO of Alcadon Group
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