ABS and Diana Shipping Services S. A. Embark on Pioneering Digital Environmental Journey

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ABS Environmental Monitor™ to Deliver Unprecedented Insight into Sustainability Performance

(ATHENS) ABS has signed a pioneering agreement with Diana Shipping Services S.A. (DSS) to implement the industry-leading ABS Environmental Monitor™ digital sustainability solution across 31 vessels under its management.

A key part of the ABS My Digital Fleet™ risk management platform,  ABS Environmental Monitor is a cloud-based application leveraging vessel waste stream and emissions data to provide transparent reporting to support more sustainable vessel operations. It is one of the maritime industry’s most comprehensive digital solutions to help shipowners meet their sustainability goals.

“We are delighted to be able to support DSS on their sustainability journey through sophisticated digital technologies. ABS Environmental Monitor™ is a powerful tool designed to support forward thinking shipowners and operators, such as DSS, towards meeting their decarbonization, digitalization and wider sustainability ambitions. Through advanced data analysis, this digital solution provides unprecedented levels of insight into an individual asset’s environmental performance, or that of an entire fleet. ABS is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive digital sustainability solution such as this, thanks to our domain experience and technology resources,” said Kash Mahmood, ABS Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions.

“As a prudent fleet owner and a participant in the global shipping industry, Diana Shipping Inc. is committed to the proper stewardship of our environment. We are pleased to have the cooperation and resources of ABS and DSS as we pursue the goal of achieving a more sustainable future,” said Semiramis Paliou, Diana Shipping Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer.

“ABS is leading the way in maritime sustainability.  All of our insight and experience has gone into developing this digital solution to assist operators in understanding how their assets may be affected by the rapidly evolving landscape of global environmental regulation. These tools offer a new level of clarity and control over the environmental sustainability of Diana’s fleet,” said Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Director, Global Sustainability.

ABS Environmental Monitor serves to:

•          Monitor and track overall fleet or vessel-specific environmental categories, such as emissions, garbage, waste and consumables data.

•          View the vessel emissions profile, including total emissions across laden and ballast voyages, carbon intensity, emissions per transport, emissions per distance, and total emissions per consumer.

•          Perform calculations in accordance with the Environmental Ship Index and Poseidon Principles.

•          Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on garbage, waste, and consumables metrics, such as disposal methods and categories, water production efficiency, consumption efficiency by voyage, among others.

•          View scrubber system performance (if applicable) based on Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) reporting.

•          View historical voyage data by fleet or vessel.

Go here for more information about ABS Environmental Monitor and here for more information about ABS sustainability services. To schedule a demo contact ABS at ABSDigital@eagle.org