AniCura presents the Quality and Sustainability Report for 2020

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Since 2015, AniCura has issued an annual quality and sustainability report covering the developments within quality and patient safety as well as a reduction of antibiotic use among AniCura’s clinics. The report for 2020 describes the developments during COVID-19 and best practices in veterinary care, people and the benefits of strong company values.

-     AniCura continues to stand strong and grow rapidly as a leading provider of modern high-quality veterinary care for pets. As our previous five reports, our aim is to share the learnings from our work and provide insights into AniCura. New for this year, is how we as a company have undertaken the many challenges caused by COVID-19 and how AniCura’s strong company values have helped us to become even better, says Azita Shariati, CEO AniCura.

In 2020, AniCura’s continued work in encouraging professional development and specialization has progressed with increased focus. In addition, the report describes AniCura’s work within digitalization including digital veterinary services to pet owners in all Scandinavian countries.

Wiser antibiotic use is a never ending strive for AniCura. In a five-year period, the use of antibiotics in AniCura´s veterinary hospitals and clinics in Europe has declined with almost 50 percent.
 In 2020, AniCura released its antibiotic guidelines for the eight most common indications for systemic antibiotic use.

Infection prevention
To ensure patient and employee safety, compliance with dress code and proper laundry procedures are important. For the first time, AniCura conducted a survey among 130 clinics in nine countries and completed 1,239 real-time dress code observations. The result show that 74% of the clinics have appointed an infection control practitioner for improved control and that 83% of the clinics have documented infection control routines in place.

Improved operational excellence in clinics
In 2018, the digital AniCura Patient Safety Improvement System (APSIS) was launched as a tool for enabling clinics to systematically document, analyze and learn from medical incidents. In 2020, 92% of the incidents were determined preventable. Enabling good incident handling takes time, requires correct communication skills, but is worthwhile to be able to improve better care for pets.

Investing in leadership development
Leadership and continuous development and specialization is critical for AniCura’s ability to attract, retain and further develop the people needed for the transformation of the veterinary industry that AniCura started. As a result, AniCura launched a Leadership & Business development programme for all leaders.  Also offered is the AniCura Graduate programme, an immersive two-year development programme for new veterinarians.

The full report can be found on our website

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