Apetit develops new rapeseed-based ingredients - EFSA gives favourable opinion

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Apetit Plc, Press release 7 August 2020 at 10.00 a.m.

Avena Nordic Grain Plc, part of the Apetit Plc Group, has received a verdict from EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in favour of receiving novel food authorisation for its first new product innovation. BlackGrain from Yellow Fields is a rapeseed-based plant protein and fibre powder, that has great nutritional values and versatile product applications. 

“Favourable opinion means that BlackGrain from Yellow Fields has been assessed safe by the authority. This opinion from EFSA is a positive and significant waypoint on this journey. We will continue taking steps forward in developing new BlackGrain rapeseed ingredients”, says R&D Manager Kaisu Riihinen, who’s in charge of the ingredient development. 

EFSA has previously deemed the use of rapeseed protein powder to be safe, when the content of antinutrients typical to rapeseed, and harmful in large quantities, are on a low level. Processing steps of the rapeseed powder are based on reducing the content of these antinutrients, glucosinolates and phytates, in the ingredient.

The application for authorization was handed over to EFSA at the end of 2018. Now after the favourable verdict the proposal will move forward to the European Commission, who will make their decision regarding the authorisation by the beginning of 2021.

“We’ve continued development in the second phase of the project, and our goal is to develop new ingredients based on the original ingredient with a customer-oriented approach”, Riihinen says.

Avena Nordic Grain Plc has a long history in developing high-quality vegetable oils and expellers meals. BlackGrain from Yellow Fields is the company’s innovation, that has been in development since 2017. The project has received funding from Business Finland. Favourable opinion was given by EFSA, an organization providing independent scientific advice in order to guarantee food safety in Europe.

Clean and safe Nordic product with great nutritional values and versatile product applications

BlackGrain is made from one of Avena’s main products, oil seed expellers. Until now, oil seed expellers have been utilized as animal feed. Through development, it can now be used in making rapeseed powder suitable for human consumption.

“Oil seed expeller is an existing, nutrient-rich raw ingredient. Using oil seed expeller in human consumption cuts down the food chain, and is a responsible choice”, Riihinen says.

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields has good nutritional values, and a great combination of fibre, protein and good fats. In addition, it has necessary amount of important amino acids, and it can be utilized in a variety of different foods. 

“BlackGrain has been tested and adapted to be used in breads, cereal bars, snacks, granola, muesli, meat analogs and meatballs. Moreover, we are happy to take our customers' requirements into consideration and help them find the best way of incorporating BlackGrain into their product”, says Product Development Manager Leticia Valenzuela.

BlackGrain from Yellow Fields is vegan, gluten-, GMO-, and soy-free. Thus, it is suitable for most diets. Dark in colour and mild in taste, BlackGrain can be easily flavoured in different ways depending on the need. It works especially well with grains, pea protein and starch. 

“BlackGrain from Yellow Fields can improve the nutritional values of food products, especially the protein and nutritional fibre content. It is at the top of innovative product development, and a sustainable and safe choice”, Valenzuela sums up.

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