Apetit plans to build bioenergy plant in conjunction with its rapeseed oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi

Apetit plans to build bioenergy plant in conjunction with its rapeseed oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi

Apetit Plc, Stock Exchange Release, 7 June 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

Apetit is planning to build a bioenergy plant in conjunction with the Avena Kantvik Oy rapeseed oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi, Finland. The planned bioenergy plant would replace the current energy solution that uses non-renewable fuels and would significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the entire Group.

“In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the bioenergy plant would also significantly lower Apetit’s current energy costs as oil milling is the Group’s most energy-intensive production process,” says CEO Juha Vanhainen.

The value of the investment would be about EUR 3.7 million. The plant’s planned heat output is 4.5 MW, which would cover the energy needs of own production. A secondary boiler would also be built at the same time, to enable the use of natural gas.

The bioenergy plant’s primary fuels would be forest chips and recycled wood and other fibre waste from forests and fields in the area. Apetit would also be able to use vegetable oil production side streams, such as rapeseed screenings, vegetable oil sludge and, when possible, the bentonite clay used in the rapeseed oil bleaching process, in its energy production.

“The bioenergy plant would enable Apetit to utilise its production side streams. The plant’s energy self-sufficiency would increase and it would no longer be dependent on other users of its side streams. The key goal is for the bioenergy plant to be part of the plant’s circular economy and resource-smart use of raw materials,” says Vanhainen.

Apetit will apply for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland’s investment aid that is granted for projects based on renewable energy and will also submit an environmental permit application. Apetit will decide on the investment if both applications are accepted.

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