Additional good analyses from Bidjovagge

Arctic Gold has received additional good results from this year's drilling in Bidjovagge. It is of interest that these results show a continuation of previous known ore bodies and thereby raise hopes that the mineral resource can be increased this fall. A positive point is that the gold grades in the best sections are high (max 7.21 g/ton).

Arctic Gold's drilling program is continuing and has now exceeded 5,900 m in the Bidjovagge mine field. Analyses from the second set of drilling have been received from the lab and these results are interesting as well, as they point to increased mineralizations in several locations. The current analyses from 262 samples are from four drill holes, one each in the vicinity of the H tunnel, the D ore, Gerd and Laura. The drill hole at Laura increases the knowledge of how the Laura mineralization reaches ground level. In the area around the D ore and Gerd several drill holes have been drilled to check both these known ores and possible additional mineralizations in the area. Through this a 42.87 m long mineralized sections with both gold and copper was found, with a highest analysis grade of 7.21 g/t gold and 0.56% copper, which probably belongs to a mineralization between the D ore and Gerd, and thus requires further drilling. The dip of the mineralization is not yet know, and therefore the length can be misleading. Drill hole 11-0015 has encountered a good mineralization north of the D ore thereby proving a continuation northward. The fourth drill hole analyzed is from the drill area where a tunnel (the H tunnel) was made in the 80's for an investigation between the D ore and Hilde. The analysis shows a mineralization with gold and copper extending 14.72 m.

The results in other words show the possibility of an increased mineral resource. Further analyses are expected on a continuing basis during the upcoming months.- So far a total of 1267 samples have been submitted for analysis and only 487 have been reported.

For further information, please contact the company's CEO and Qualified Person as per SweMin as well as Europe Geologist.

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Arctic Gold's business concept is to engage in exploration activities to discover and demonstrate commercially extractable gold and base metal deposits in Scandinavia; The strategy is primarily to carry out exploration work and either sell the project within a few years or to establish mining activities under the company's own control or through a partnership with other companies. Arctic Gold focuses mainly on the Bidjovagge project in northern Norway and current gold and base metal permits in Västerbotten and Norrbotten.