Artificial Solutions enables CIOs to Take Control of the Conversational AI Landscape with Teneo Fusion

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Stockholm, Sweden, 9 April 2019 – Artificial Solutions®, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today the launch of Teneo® Fusion. The latest version of the company’s revolutionary conversational AI development platform blends significant enhancements to its technology, with business value measurements to deliver the ultimate conversational AI experience.

Teneo Fusion enables enterprises to dramatically improve the quality of their conversational interfaces, while taking control of the chatbot landscape and demonstrating clear business value within the organization. In addition, Artificial Solutions has introduced Teneo Developers, a new comprehensive resource to allow enterprise developers and partners fast access to experience the power of Teneo.

“With Teneo Fusion we continue to differentiate ourselves by delivering a conversational AI development platform that meets the needs of global enterprises,” says Lawrence Flynn CEO of Artificial Solutions. “While other conversational tools falter as soon as a business tries to scale-up their development, Teneo Fusion easily enables further expansion to facilitate growth through improved customer engagement.”

Delivering a seamless customer experience is a top priority for CIOs. Engaged customers drive loyalty, which boosts revenue, and in turn increases profitability. Teneo Fusion allows CIOs to banish the lackluster performance many chatbots have been delivering, while providing much needed visibility over projects to eliminate the duplication of resources and the potential of opening up the organization to security risks.

Teneo Fusion allows enterprises to reconnect with their customers on an extremely personalised level using advanced conversational AI technology. It combines an innovative mix of new technology developments including Teneo Learn — a unique approach to machine learnt natural language conversations that gives users the ability to automatically build powerful new learning models, and Teneo Predict — that evaluates and scores real life inputs to constantly improve the whole Teneo solution.

Combined, they deliver increased “out of the box” conversational understanding and fully automated self-learning to optimize the system, while lowering maintenance costs and providing greater control over dialogue management.

Top 3 Must Haves for Conversational AI

Teneo Fusion delivers the three key benefits that CIOs need to gain a competitive advantage from conversational AI.

Personalization – the ability to engage customers through an intuitive, humanlike interaction that is personalized to the individual. Teneo Fusion understands convoluted sentences, it asks questions, it has a memory and reuses pieces of information for contextual and personalization purposes. It even brings the conversation back on track, when the user goes off topic.

Clear Measures of CX - for CIOs to demonstrate to interested stakeholders the business value, such as a 40% reduction inbound calls or 98% customer satisfaction rating. Both real statistics from Teneo Fusion implementations.

‘Voice of the Customer’ Analysis - the compliant collection and analysis of conversational data to reveal millions of individual customer voices that opens a whole new channel of reliable, actionable insight for business, process and CX improvement.

Teneo Fusion delivers all this, and more, in 35 languages, on any channel, across multiple use cases.

Try Before You Buy

To demonstrate its strength as the only true enterprise conversational AI platform provider, Artificial Solutions is launching Teneo Developers – a resource that offers centers of excellences and system integrator partners exclusive access to Teneo Fusion to experience the platform’s revolutionary features.

Here developers will discover that Teneo’s native hybrid approach has been expanded to increase the capabilities of machine learning out of the box and enable Teneo Fusion to predict what the user is asking automatically. In addition, developers can test out Teneo Fusion’s unique functionality that fully automates the optimization of conversational AI applications, while still giving control over guiding the system from a single unified interface.

“The launch of Teneo Fusion marks the next step in our growth strategy and provides the means for us to expand the business easily to meet the demands of the rapidly growing conversational AI marketplace, without significant increase to our own overheads,” continues Lawrence. “Our recently entry into the Nasdaq First North stock exchange strengthens our position as a market leader and we look forward to the exposure Teneo Fusion will give to our innovative approach to conversational AI.”

With Teneo Fusion, enterprises can blend customer demands for automated, personalized, intelligent interactions with the need to deliver value to the business on a global scale all from a single platform.

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Artificial Solutions® is the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, a form of Artificial Intelligence that allows people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in everyday, humanlike natural language via voice, text, touch or gesture input.

Designed for the global enterprise, Artificial Solutions’ advanced conversational AI platform, Teneo®, allows business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across 35 languages, multiple platforms and channels in record time. The ability to analyze and make use of the enormous quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering unprecedented levels of insight that reveal what customers are truly thinking.

Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI technology makes it easy to implement a wide range of natural language applications such as virtual assistants, chatbots, speech-based conversational UIs for smart devices and more. It is already used daily by millions of people across hundreds of private and public sector deployments worldwide. For more information, please visit





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