Assemblin develops and expands its offer in the area of cooling technology

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New energy and environmental requirements mean that cooling is a growth area in installation technology. Already highly competent in the area, Assemblin is now investing in becoming one of leading cooling installers in Sweden.

Over recent years, climate change and new statutory requirements have focused attention on cooling and heat pump technology. This includes the Swedish Ordinance concerning certain fluorinated greenhouse gases (SFS 2016:1128), which entered into force in 2017 to supplement the EU fluorinated greenhouse gases regulation. The ordinance requires us, as an installation and service company, to have the requisite knowledge and resources to meet needs. The demand for expertise is high as companies all over the country, such as supermarkets, update their refrigeration equipment to comply with new regulations on environmentally friendly refrigerants.

While Assemblin has been installing cooling technology in several locations around Sweden for some time now, primarily in the business area Assemblin Ventilation, there is now a strong ambition and stated objective to grow into a nationwide operation by investing in new skills and a more coherent organisation: Assemblin Cooling.

“Although we are extremely proud of our organisation in the cooling technology area, we know we can do even better. In the immediate future, we will be ensuring that the organisation is given the best conditions for growth. We are planning to expand both organically and through acquisition,” explains Håkan Ekvall, business area manager and president of Assemblin Ventilation.

The initiative kicked off in February, when managers and project leaders at Assemblin Cooling from around the country gathered in Malmö.

“Those of us who work with cooling technology can look forward to an exciting future. There is a tremendous amount going on in the field in terms of technological development and it is great to be working with something that is in demand and that creates a better environment for so many people,” says Peter Hjertström, business development manager for service at Assemblin Ventilation.

For further information, please contact:

Håkan Ekvall, President and Business Area Manager at Assemblin Ventilation,, +46 10 452 72 63

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Assemblin,, +46 10 475 39 48

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