Assemblin Electrical in partnership with energy optimisation company Ferroamp

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Assemblin Electrical has signed a partnership agreement with Ferroamp Elektronik, a Swedish electronics company that focuses on optimising the energy efficiency of properties. The partnership means that Assemblin Electrical will install and service Ferroamp’s products.

Electrification and optimisation of energy consumption are key concepts in society’s ongoing green transition. In order to phase out fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy sources, we need smart systems and solutions for electric car charging, solar energy and energy storage, among other things.

Assemblin, one of the leading installation and service companies in the Nordic region, has considerable expertise and experience in installing, commissioning and servicing various types of systems and facilities aimed at optimising and reducing energy consumption and phasing out fossil fuels.

As part of this work, Assemblin Electrical has signed a nationwide partnership agreement with Ferroamp for installation, commissioning and servicing of products in the field of energy optimisation. Ferroamp’s offering includes the EnergyHub system that integrates solar energy, energy storage and DC loads, combined with intelligent control and real-time monitoring.

“The challenges facing society in relation to climate change are enormous. This is an area where we, as installers and product developers, can make a real difference, using smart technical solutions for facilities and properties. We look forward to doing this in partnership with Ferroamp,” says Fredrik Allthin, President and Business Area Manager at Assemblin Electrical.

“Our smart technical solutions can facilitate the ongoing green transition. Together with players such as Assemblin, we can help more property owners overcome power shortages, gain control of their costs and achieve their climate goals – and thus increase the speed of the transition. That is why we are very pleased about our partnership with Assemblin,” says Krister Werner, President at Ferroamp.

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For further information, contact:

Fredrik Allthin, President and Business Area Manager, Assemblin Electrical,, +46 73 719 76 39

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin,, +46 10 475 39 48

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