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  • Assemblin will be conducting extensive, environmentally profiled, multi-technical projects in Linköping

Assemblin will be conducting extensive, environmentally profiled, multi-technical projects in Linköping

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Assemblin has been commissioned to conduct multi-technical installations in electricity, safety, ventilation and plumbing in the new Ebbepark district in central Linköping. The contract is valued at about SEK 84 million in total.

Assemblin will be conducting the project in a building in the Dynamiken neighbourhood on behalf of Lejonfastigheter, one of Linköping’s municipally owned property companies. In one part of the property (Färgeriet), school premises are being constructed for the Tunvallaskolan and Fridtunaskolan schools and, in the other part, office premises are being constructed for several of the municipality’s operations. The building will have a total area of approximately 14,100 square metres, of which a garage will occupy 2,400 square metres. The premises will have a flexible format, allowing them to switch between office and school use, if needs were to shift over time.

The building will offer excellent environmental performance and will be certified according to the Miljöbyggnad Silver environmental standard.

“This is truly a multi-technical assignment in which we will be installing solar cells, automation, fire and burglar alarms, access control systems and locks. There will be some challenges in terms of coordination to enable all of the work to be conducted concurrently, and the logistics in particular must be carefully planned,” says Joakim Karlsson, BU Manager, Assemblin Electrical Engineering.

“In a building like this, where the requirements for different areas of use are to be combined, extensive installations are always necessary. Our solution entails us installing 11 ventilation units and more than 200 chilled beams to achieve optimal functionality,” says Peter Hjertström, BU Manager, Assemblin Ventilation.

For further information, contact:

Mats Johansson, President and CEO Assemblin, mats.e.johansson@assemblin.se, +46 10 475 39 60

Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communication Assemblin, asvor.brynnel@assemblin.se, +46 70 600 73 21

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