“Our ASTA artists are some of the most important artists in the world. The ASTA show will have works from all over the world – exclusive masterpieces by today’s living masters that have never been shown before,” shared Copley. “We are all committed to art education programs and are delighted to support the programs of the Arizona Art Alliance with the proceeds from our Auction, held at the Awards Gala Dinner on Saturday, October 13, 2012.”
Ed Copley, Living Master Artist and ASTA Founder
“The Arizona Art Alliance conducts charitable art education and art mentoring programs that benefit the lives of disadvantaged and disabled youth as well as seniors at risk. The proceeds from art sales, donations, and grants help to make such life-enriching community outreach programs possible,” said Arne. “The ASTA donation will enhance art therapy programs for PTSD veterans, Alzheimer patients, at-risk kids and other educational outreach.”
Al Arne of the Arizona Art Alliance
“I am very pleased that our esteemed judges saw fit to give Ed the title of ARC Associate Living Master™ and welcome him to the elite group of living artists shown in the ARC Museum. The process for acceptance into the ARC Living Artist and Master's Gallery ™ is a rigorous one, where an artist’s work must be reviewed by a panel of at least four Judges who consist of well published art scholars and master instructors whose presage is undeniable,” said Kara Lysandra Ross, Director of Operations for the Art Renewal Center.
Kara Lysandra Ross, The Art Renewal Center