About Us

About astragon Sales & Services GmbH astragon Sales & Services GmbH (previously rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH) together with astragon Entertainment GmbH (previously astragon Software GmbH) forms the core of the in July 2014 newly created astragon group. Today, the astragon group is the second largest producer and marketer of computer games in Germany (number of units CD-ROM/DVD as per GfK Media Control, complete annual evaluation 2014). The main focus of astragon Sales & Services’ product range lies with technical simulation games for PC and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Casual games. adventure games and economy simulations complement the diverse portfolio, as do assorted simulation games for mobile and static game consoles. Additionally to the distribution to retail partners in the German language area by astragon Sales & Services, products are also marketed internationally under license and via download by astragon Entertainment . For more information, please visit www.astragon-entertainment.de