Exercise of employee share options in Atea ASA ("the Company")

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1. Employees in the Atea Group have exercised 750,205 options.
Following the share option exercise the Board of Directors, pursuant to authorization granted by the Company's Annual General Meeting, has decided to increase the Company's share capital by NOK 253,484 by issuing 243,484 new shares, of par value NOK 1.

Following the increase, the Company's share capital is NOK 112,384,093 divided into 112,384,093 shares. The weighted average option exercise price is NOK 92.00.

With reference to the share repurchase program announced on 17 September 2021, Atea have used 496,721 of its own shares to fulfill the company's obligations under its employee stock option agreements. Following this transaction, the company holds 28,186 of its own shares.

2. Options exercised by primary insiders 9 February 2022:
Juha Sihvonen has exercised 70,000 options in the Company, corresponding to 70,000 shares at the strike price of NOK 92,00.

3. Transfer of rights and sale of shares
The primary insider mentioned above transferred their rights to receive shares resulting from the exercise of options to a third party. The sales amount will be finally determined on the basis of the price subsequently obtained by the third party in the market. The results of the sales process and final number of new shares for the primary insider will be announced in a separate stock exchange notice when known.

4. New holding
After exercising options, Juha Sihvonen holds 280,000 options and 0 shares in the Company.
See details about the transactions for primary insiders on 8 and 9 February  reported to Finanstilsynet enclosed.

For further information, please contact:
Steinar Sønsteby, CEO Atea ASA, mobile (+47) 930 55 655
Robert Giori, CFO Atea ASA, mobile (+47) 934 09 188