Year-End Report 2021

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“The fourth quarter was intense, and I am pleased that the close to the year was positive with strong net letting and impressive value creation in our projects. The company is delivering a profit after tax of SEK 3.8 billion, which is a record,” says Annica Ånäs, CEO of Atrium Ljungberg. “Our goal is to invest SEK 30 billion into our own development projects through 2030. Given the assessed return and project returns, this would mean an Atrium Ljungberg that is twice as large in terms of both property value and operating net,” she concludes.

Net sales amounted to SEK 3,084 million (SEK 2,839 m), of which rental income amounted to SEK 2,292 million (SEK 2,344 m).

The operating surplus from property management amounted to SEK 1,560 million (SEK 1,565 m).

The gross profit from project and construction work amounted to SEK 107 million (SEK –13 m).

Temporary rebates related to Covid-19 amounted to SEK 10 million net (SEK 43 m).

Profit before changes in value amounted to SEK 1,249 million (SEK 1,124 m) corresponding to SEK 9.86/share (SEK 8.68), an increase of 14 per cent.

Unrealised changes in value for investment properties amounted to SEK 3,040 million (SEK –119 m) which included project returns of SEK 974 million (SEK 258 m).

Profit for the period amounted to SEK 3,757 million (SEK 867 m), corresponding to SEK 29.65/share (SEK 6.69).

Net letting for the year amounted to SEK 40 million (SEK –16 m), of which SEK 20 million (SEK 27 m) referred to project properties.

Investments in held properties amounted to SEK 2,279 million (SEK 2,513 m) while acquisitions and sales amounted to SEK 25 million (SEK 410 m) and SEK 805 million (SEK 3,979 m) respectively.

The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 5.20/share (SEK 5.05/share).


Nacka 10/02/2022
Atrium Ljungberg AB (publ)

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