Attana launches the Attana Cell 250

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Attana has today launched the Attana Cell 250 instrument which features a new and fully integrated autosampler, delivering vastly improved sample handling and instrument operation.

Since 2019, Attana has been working closely with ModuVision Technologies BV (Vlissingen, The Netherlands) to integrate their flagship product, the PRIMARIZ robotic autosampler, into the Attana system. The Attana Cell 250 is the first result of this cooperation.

“We are proud to welcome Attana to our ever-growing customer base and with this, enter into new application fields,” comments Jan Willem Mol, CEO of ModuVision Technologies.

The Attana Cell 250 provides 3 times the sample capacity of the current Attana Cell 200 system. Additionally, it delivers quicker and easier calibration, faster and quieter operation, and eliminates the need for an external control unit for the autosampler.

The Attana Cell 250 will be the key component of the recently introduced Attana Virus Analytics (AVA) platform, ensuring customers benefit from its improved performance and ease-of-use. Existing Attana customers will also be offered to upgrade their current Cell 200 systems at a fixed one-time fee.

“As Attana expands its service offering and enters into new usage areas we need to adapt our technology accordingly. The Cell 250 not only offers improved performance, but equally as important, it enhances the overall user experience,” concludes Teodor Aastrup, CEO of Attana AB.

For more information, please contact:

Teodor Aastrup, CEO Attana AB
tel: + 46 8 674 57 00

The Board of directors for Attana consider that the information in this press release is not likely to have a significant effect on the share price, but is of general interest for the shareholders and hence should be communicated.

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