Attendo Scandinavia's annual quality reports for 2015 show improved quality results

Attendo's operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark continued to improve its performance in the internal Quality Thermometer and reached an all-time high in 2015, according to the annual quality reports for Attendo Scandinavia Care for Older People and Attendo Scandinavia Care.

The annual quality reports summarize the main results of Attendo’s quality work, but also describe actions taken during the year to improve quality. 2015 marks the fifth consecutive year that Attendo is reporting the results of the quality work from different parts of the business.

In 2015, all areas of Attendo Scandinavia noted its best results ever in the internal Quality Thermometer, with results on average between 84-90% (2014: 80-84%). The Quality Thermometer measures and weighs the main quality parameters of each unit on a monthly basis, such as patient satisfaction, incident reporting, internal controls and routine compliance. The Quality Thermometer thus paints a picture of the local quality work on every unit and how well it fulfills the expectations from customers, clients and relatives.

- Attendo strives to be the quality leader in the industry. The way to quality leadership is continuous improvement through systematic quality work. I’m pleased to note that 2015 resulted in further improvements in the Quality Thermometer, which is reflected in external surveys and the demand for our services, says Henrik Borelius, president and CEO of Attendo.

External surveys show for instance that 95% are satisfied with the attitude of the staff in Attendo nursing homes and Attendo home care, and 88% say they feel safe or very safe at Attendo’s homes for persons with disabilities.

- Client satisfaction is a good testimony to the way we operate. It shows that our training programs in Attendo Academy and our approach to put the individual's needs at the center of every care activity are positive for those who have chosen Attendo, says Henrik Borelius.

Among the measures taken in 2015 can be noted, for example, a new form of dialogue meetings in Attendo care units, where patients, relatives, politicians and officials meet regularly to agree on how the quality can be improved. In home care, Mobile Care (“Mobil Omsorg”) has been introduced at multiple locations to facilitate change-overs between the employees and thereby improve the continuity for our clients.

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