Audumbla acquires ACSS - first step in business intelligence investments

Audumbla acquires ACSS - first step in business intelligence investments Audumbla Communication Group acquired ACSS - an IT company that develops sophisticated Internet-based systems for global-information collection and analyses. The acquisition is part of Audumbla's investment in business intelligence (BI); the acquisition strengthens Audumbla's total offering within strategic communication consulting. With ACSS as a foundation, Audumbla now builds new BI expertise that focuses on advanced consulting services for global monitoring and analyses. The new BI operation is called Audumbla Digger. The business concept offers strategic, tactical consulting services that help clients comprehend and deal with external forces. This will be realized through Audumbla's establishment of market-leading expertise in global monitoring and analyses. The BI operation is under construction at Audumbla, and the service will be offered within three service areas: information search, research/investigation, and business intelligence on intranets and extranets. Audumbla recruited Jens Millgård as Audumbla Digger's business development manager. He has more than 10 years of experience within global monitoring and analyses; he's worked for the Observer, Kinnevik, and Imedia. Knowledge-based companies that work with strategies and communication clearly need global monitoring and analyses services. By offering the services to a well-defined target group of consultants, they can cost- effectively reach end-customer purchasers. Initially, the service will be offered to Audumbla's consultants and clients who in turn will offer the services to a broader market of knowledge-based companies inside and outside Sweden. "The acquisition of ACSS means that Audumbla gets access to several of the country's leading experts in sophisticated system solutions for business intelligence," says Nils Tunebjer, the Audumbla Communication Group's CEO. "Now, we're merging this expertise with Audumbla's strategic consulting competence. So we create a rock solid foundation for one of Sweden's leading companies within business intelligence - an operation that focuses on speed and high-level processing." "For ACSS, Audumbla is a perfect partner and owner," says Peter Litsegård, CEO at ACSS. "The combination of our expertise and Audumbla's strategic communication competence creates a gold mine of resources that enables a very strong business-intelligence offering to the market." For more information, contact: Nils Tunebjer, CEO, Audumbla. Phone: +46 709-629629. Peter Litsegård, CEO, ACSS. Phone: +46 709-734499. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: